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Testing Comments Post

Subject says it all.

Uploaded Photo Of Daley and Dean in Chicago

Long past due (on my part) – the photo by Todd Bannor is in the post about the event so you can check it out in context.

Vosicky Concedes Illinois House District 46 Race – Although Questionable Votes Exist, Not Enough To Overturn Election

From the Joe Vosicky campaign this afternoon: “Joe Vosicky telephoned Dennis Reboletti on December 28/2006 to concede in the race for State Representative of District 46 and to congratulate him and wish him well in representing his constituents. The Vosicky Campaign had asked for a recount and to review election documents because of irregularities that […]

State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias’ Transition Team

Like many of you I’ve been busy with the season, but a week ago State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias’ Transition Team met as a whole, according to an email from his campaign, and he’s right in calling it an “impressive group”: “Several participants remarked how surprised they were that we could assemble such an impressive group […]

Greg Sargent Calls John McCain’s Bluff

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks myself and, without all the documentation, believed John McCain’s call for more troops wasn’t “straight talk” at all. The only thing I’d add to Greg’s well-documented piece is that even if Bush temporarily raises troop numbers in Iraq, John McCain can still win. McCain just needs […]

Senator Joe Biden Throws Down The Gauntlet – What Is He Doing?

Who Will Tell Us “Honestly” What Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden Is Doing? Among Democratic Presidential Hopefuls… * Hillary Clinton had no comment. * Chris Dodd had no comment. * John Edwards had no comment. * Dennis Kucinich had no comment. * Barack Obama had no comment. * Tom Vilsack had no comment. And On The […]

CNN’s “All Too Fashionable” with Jeff Greenfield Dec 11th Segment – Politicalwear And Barack Obama

I don’t know how many of you follow reporter Jeff Greenfield’s “All Too Fashionable” on CNN. I’ve caught it from time to time. Yesterday’s segment notably covered “politicalwear” and Jeff focused his often insightful commentary on U.S. Senator and presidential prospect Barack Obama. Clipped from CNN’s transcript of “All Too Fashionable” with Jeff Greenfield December […]

State Senator Don Harmon Joins Comptroller Dan Hynes In Urging U.S. Senator Barack Obama To Run For U.S. President

Hey Rob, yeah, you know who I mean, when do I get to be on the mailing list? Hat tip to Eric Davis because he gets the emails I don’t [tongue-in-cheek pique]. From State Senator Don Harmon’s Office: Dear Friends, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with two great leaders in Illinois, Senator Barack […]

The Place You Call Home – Losing Normal, Losing Out

There’s nothing really original here except for the anecdotes. Perhaps that makes this post all the more damning. I was speaking with a friend who lives in DuPage recently. He’s married. He and his wife both have four-year college degrees. They both work. She is doing paid post-graduate research work. He works in sales and […]

Iraq Study Group – Oh, The Process!

It is an old rhetorical device that when you don’t like the outcome of something and can’t attack it on its merits, then you attack the process that produced the results. The Iraq Study Group with aid from the Washington Post’s David Broder has turned this around, to wit, when your results lack merit then […]