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Single-Payer Health Coverage, HCAN And Health Care Reform

“Let’s not confuse genuinely grass roots single payer efforts with HCAN. HCAN, in its statements of principles, takes single payer off the table from the outset. So, while they state the problems correctly, they’re not pushing the one solution that we know can work.” A commenter on the post “Yes We HCAN!” “The private […]

What Bill Baar Gets Right And Wrong About My SCHIP And Congressman Biggert Post

I disagree with Bill Baar’s stance against SCHIP funding, which provides children with subsidized health insurance when their working parents are of modest means and (in most cases) unable to afford private health coverage. Baar quotes Harold Ickes’ “What is an American?” in support of his position and suggests that Congressman Biggert use that to […]

Howard Dean In Chicago For DNC Event Last Wednesday Night, Introduced By Mayor Daley

Mayor Richard M. Daley and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean spoke at a grassroots DNC fundraiser last Wednesday at the Hilton Chicago. With Eric Davis doing the introductions, Mayor Daley recognized Eric’s praise of Chicago’s environmental successes and economic successes. The Mayor went further in suggesting that the Democratic Party represents the way […]

Democratic Unity In DuPage Part 1 – Starting With Breakfast…

Yesterday I had breakfast at Drury Lane Banquets. Normally my breakfast habits don’t merit discussion, but this was a unity breakfast for DuPage Democrats – and we had something to talk about. Perhaps there have been DuPage unity breakfasts before – I don’t remember – and they likely were not very memorable. Unity in the […]

Counting Heads In the 6th Congressional – And Who Can You Count On

To some in Chicago, the western suburbs, including DuPage County, seems so far away it might as well be in Iowa. DuPage voters, however, aren’t the same as Iowans – and there is a lesson there. In the 6th Congressional Democratic Primary Tammy Duckworth is flooding the mailboxes with direct mail, likely has precinct walkers […]

Democracy For America Endorses Christine Cegelis In Illinois 6th Congressional

I meant to blog this earlier – and because I’ve come late to it others have taken much of what I might have said. Democracy for America’s endorsement of Christine Cegelis in the 6th Congressional District has thus far netted Christine $6,104.11 from 224 contributors, money her campaign desperately needs, plus critical press attention in […]

Oak Park DFA Legislative Candidates Forum Saturday, Feb 11

The Oak Park Democracy for America (DFA) group is hosting a State Legislative Candidates Forum, for all Democratic candidates whose District includes a portion of Oak Park – sometimes including DuPage. Saturday, February 11, 2006 10 AM – Noon Oak Park Public Library Main Branch, Veterans Room (834 Lake Street, Oak Park) The following candidates […]

DuPage DFI Progressive Candidate Endorsements for 2006

[This entry has been updated.] After two meetings where local, state and national candidates and/or their representative spoke, DuPage DFI members have voted. While a number of candidates were well received by our group, only candidates receiving 67% of the vote received our endorsement. DuPage DFI Progressive Candidate Endorsements for 2006 Lt. Governor Pat Quinn […]

MWRD Candidate Debra Shore Makes First Democracy For America Endorsement List Of 2006

Debra Shore alerted me to the good news that Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed her campaign for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) today. Debra’s a tremendously qualified candidate that deserves the endorsement – and on a personal note it made my day. Debra expressed “immense gratitude” about the endorsement […]

DuPage Democracy For Illinois Endorses Debra Shore For Metro Water Reclamation District

Tonight members of DuPage Democracy for Illinois (DFI) endorsed Debra Shore for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD). Members of the group previously canvassed for Shore in western Cook County suburbs. Hiram Wurf, who leads DuPage DFI, pointed out the importance of Shore’s conservation credentials, which earned her the first candidate endorsement by […]