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Wisconsin Last in Jobs – Walker Could Provide at Least One Job Opening

I know Governor Walker has the ability to create at least one job opening in Madison. Just sayin’ Here’s Laura Dresser of COWS on NBC Nightly News, talking about Wisconsin’s “off the rails” job losses.

Median American Household Income Dropping Since 70s

Today’s Bruce Bartlett post on Economix “Fanning the Flames of Class Warfare” gives some interesting basic information – using a calculator from the Economic History Association we can see that the median American family income in Bartlett’s example of 1974 ($13,000) ranges in income or wealth value (depending on what type of value you’re interested […]

Shouldn’t It Be Someone’s Job to Focus on Jobs?

via Ed Kilgore at the Washington Monthly, Ezra Klein looks at statistics showing that if the same number of people were looking for work as in 2007, the unemployment rate would be 10.3% – a number that’s improved only slightly (0.7%) over two years, and has remained above 10% since September 2009.  This “real” rate […]

Low-Wage Lessons from U.S. – Low Wage Jobs Don’t Lead to Higher Wage Jobs

Read the “Low-Wage Lessons” report from John Schmitt at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) – it shows why higher wage jobs (“high road” jobs) are so important for a large middle class.

Investing in Local Infrastructure to Attract Business – Could Wisconsin Leverage Tax Dollars Better?

This article on $4 million awarded to Spectrum Brands by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation reminds me of the basic wisdom in investing in infrastructure that helps business in order to attract it, instead of giving public money directly to businesses to locate in the state.  While I don’t know more than the information the […]

Investing Locally Key for Five Years and Beyond

It’s not about state’s rights – it’s about the inability of the federal government to help the American people.  We need economic stimulus to fight our economic depression – and we aren’t getting it.  Sure we need to keep pressure on the federal government – their approach is and has been insufficient and wrong.  We […]

Sen Durbin, Illinois Congressional Delegation Seek To Revive IL Rail Car Manufacturing

Press release from U.S. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin For Immediate Release April 9, 2009 DURBIN AND ILLINOIS DELEGATION ASK DOT TO SUPPORT REVIVAL OF ILLINOIS TRAIN CAR INDUSTRY [WASHINGTON, D.C.] – Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) today led the Illinois Congressional Delegation in asking the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, to support […]

Where’s The Economic Recovery Going To Come From? Obama Provides Good Answers

Matt Yglesias has an interesting piece about educational levels around the Great Depression compared to today that reflects on Paul Krugman’s pessimism about the economy and Ryan Avent’s optimism. The question is where will our economic recovery come from (and how soon)? I’m no economist, but my sense is we are not likely to recover […]

Bobby Jindal Comes Across Too Didactic

Tonight Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal channeled the worst of Al Gore and Bert (of Bert and Ernie fame) in his GOP response to President Barack Obama’s economic address to congress. The contrast with Barack Obama’s speech made things even worse. Obama was gracious and addressed major issues with the maturity and importance that they deserve […]

Chuck Schumer – Stimulus Is All Or Nothing

Senator Charles Schumer says we should stiff governors who want to take only selective stimulus money for political gain. I agree – this isn’t a game, it’s a world depression. Take the money and do some good – or don’t take it and face your voter’s wrath.