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Consequences of Mainstreaming “Arcane Voodoo”

As Atrios points out – it isn’t a surprise.  What’s impressive, scary and depressing (in both meanings) is the disjunction between democracy and the complete failure in results of governments implementing stupid policies.  Makes a person think democracy no longer exists in such places.  Just a thought.

Roland Burris If The Hair Fits…

Wear it. Roland Burris is trying to make a virtue out of failed fundraising. Never thought I’d have to update this post: Roland W. Burris will you please go now! The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. […]

Pat Quinn – “Service To Others Is The Rent We Pay”

Tonight after being sworn in as Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn gave a heartfelt speech urging “the people of Illinois to make the sacrifices necessary to address the serious challenges we have before us,” including “the integrity challenge, the challenge of our economy and the challenge that we be able to pay our bills.” Pat, a […]

Kifowit – Aurora Needs Ethical Commitment To End Pay-To-Play Politics

From the Stephanie Kifowit for Mayor Campaign ( Alderman Kifowit Abstains from Donations from Contractors and Developers who do Business with the City of Aurora. Aurora, IL: At the Government Operations Committee last year, Alderman Kifowit called for a complete ban on contributions from contractors and developers who do business with the City of Aurora. […]

2009 Predictions

Here’s are some thoughts about what the new year may hold – some seem pretty obvious, others are educated guesswork – while many are positive, some are not. In Illinois: – Soon-to-be former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be impeached. – Soon-to-be Governor Pat Quinn will get ethics legislation through the General Assembly early that will […]

Whiskey Fire Right – Rod Blagojevich Said FU To General Assembly, Feds, Etc.

[Warning: links to profane language. Hat tip Larry] Whiskey Fire has it right. While the prediction business has suffered from an incredibly unpredictable year (the governor literally putting a U.S. Senate seat for sale, John McCain the GOP presidential standard bearer (not to mention Sarah Palin and on the flip side Joe Biden), major investment […]

Boot Blago! Online

[Hat tip ICPR @ Illinoize] The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform gives you information about political reforms to prevent corruption, seeks input and provides opportunities to write letters to remove Rod Blagojevich as governor at their site Boot Blago!.

Rod Blagojevich Will You Please Go Now!

Rod Blagojevich will you please go now! The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. Rod Blagojevich will you please go now!

Can’t Get That Quinn Tune Out Of My Head….

Apparently there was some administrative (Blago)glitch last election – and after an unnecessary delay, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn finally gets to take office as governor. November 3, 2006, four days before the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial election found me humming this: “…Everybody’s in despair, Every girl and boy But when Democrat Pat Quinn gets here, Everybody’s […]

Best Article Title This Week – ‘Alan Shrugged’

Former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan is a devotee of reactionary individualist philosopher Ayn Rand, author of the novel “Atlas Shrugged” that demonstrated her philosophy in literature. “Alan Shrugged” is a brilliant title for David Corn’s article.