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Borowitz Offers Horse Sense In Greek Euro Crisis

I think Greece should consider it.   None of the  terms offered to Greece make any sense – and no one is thinking about a surprise attack (shhhh!)

Destroy The World Economy, Learn More About Canada

I found this proposal and the background fascinating. Most Americans (myself included) really are woefully ignorant of Canadian history.

John McCain (Susp)Ends His Campaign

It’s over. John McCain has suspended his campaign for Presidency. When John McCain declared in the Georgia crisis, “We are all Georgians,” McCain did not suspend his campaign, Georgians could fend for themselves. When John McCain declared in America’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, “the fundamentals of our economy are strong,” McCain did […]

McCain On Spain Seems Mostly Insane

We’re not even talking France here (not that that would be acceptable either – but you know those funny politicians on the right). Matt has the audio here. The McCain Campaign’s official position is that John McCain won’t meet with our ally Spain’s Prime Minister – even though we’re bound via NATO to go to […]

Sarah Palin Should Travel With Michael To Become More Worldly

Michael will seem like family in your travels – and he’s bound to improve your jokes! [Rumors of Michael Palin’s own bid for Vice President are false, if humorous.]

What’s Wrong With Sarah Palin? She Just Doesn’t Care Enough

[Hat tip Ezra Klein] James Fallows spell out what’s wrong with Sarah Palin not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is here. I was going to blog my own thought about it that boiled down to this: doesn’t she read the newspapers? Any decent newspaper, especially in the Op-Ed section, has discussed the Bush Doctrine of […]

Lieberman-McCain Iraq Surge A “Strategic Victory” – Petraeus Not So Fast

Travis Sharp beat me to writing it (I found his piece while looking for sources). Here’s TPM’s coverage of General Petraeus saying we may never have “victory” in Iraq.

Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard Plays The Hand He’s Dealt

There’s been recent discussion of whether Republican Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard blew it when Dillard appeared in an ad for Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. At the time I thought it was a smart move on his part – possibly with an eye to a post in an Obama Administration. I still […]

McCain Peanuts And Georgians

The situation in the country of Georgia appears terrible – and the U.S. is extremely unlikely to exert military force to save their ally from the Russians, who have taken control of the country and seem likely to divide and annex a portion of it. A lot of people, myself included, thought John McCain was […]

Quick Thoughts On Biden For VP

Few commentators I’ve read have mentioned (and none really emphasized) Joe Biden’s utility as a way of pacifying (and perhaps co-opting) the Washington, D.C. inside opinion leaders and the press. Biden was the only person on the public short list that combined that appeal with the ability to land a punch, and then another, while […]