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Facebook Activism Adopted By IL State Rep Greg Harris – Civil Union Legislation

It started with no money, no formal organization, no staff – just a Facebook page “Students for the Illinois Marriage Equality Bill” – and over 8,000 student activists signed on. State Representative Greg Harris, an advocate of Civil Unions recognized that these self-organized, grassroots voices represented an important part of an activist movement to support […]

Fred Thompson Campaign – Going Nowhere

In an unprecedented, front-loaded primary, with presidential candidates traveling all over to reach voters, expenses are high. Republican front runners Mitt Romney and Rudolph Giuliani, despite raising over ten million each in the third quarter, are spending more than they raise. Not Fred Thompson – it’s less expensive to go nowhere. In a counter-intuitive, money-saving […]

Democratic Unity In DuPage Part 2 – On The Issues

For many this may be a ‘no-brainer’ but I think it good to start things off by assuming little. What’s the case for supporting a Democratic Congressional Candidate that wasn’t your choice in the primary? First, the basics. Any of the three Democratic candidates, Tammy Duckworth in the 6th, Joe Shannon in the 13th and […]

GOP Illinois State Representative Randy Hultgren Jumps In Race For State Senator Roskam’s Seat (District 48)

Saying “I’m willing to lose an election over something that I believe in,” Winfield Republican Illinois State Representative Randy Hultgren passed out petitions for an anti-gay marriage state advisory referendum while announcing his candidacy for the state senate seat occupied by Peter Roskam on Tuesday, according to the Daily Herald. Peter Roskam is seeking the […]

Retirement – A Moral Crisis In America

The New York Times today has a good article on how retirement is vanishing in America. The article connects the crisis in healthcare to retirement, as well as how the change in retirement to mostly 401Ks (instead of defined benefits) is related to a loss of broad-based wealth in America: “For Americans heading into retirement, […]

Re: Do They Listen To Themselves About Gay Marriage? A Response To Raymond W. Belair

[Editor Note: I gave a call to New York law firm Belair & Evans to confirm that the comment to my post about Eastchester, NY revoking domestic partner benefits (and a prior “memo” document I received via email) is in fact from Raymond W. Belair. Because of the length of my response, I post it […]

Voting For The Dog

Makes Me Ralph is suggesting a new meal plan for Bush voting seniors. It’s harsh. It lives up to Ralph’s name. But the reason I’m posting it here is that for more and more people it’s going to be true if we don’t change things. Can the president and his policies – not the American […]

Do They Listen To Themselves About Gay Marriage?

In today’s New York Times, a reversal for the town of Eastchester, one of the first to offer domestic partner benefits in Westchester County, NY. Raymond W. Belair, a lawyer for the main group advocating the elimination of domestic partner benefits in the town, which will affect only employees not currently receiving the benefit, had […]

It’s Not Realignment – Voters Are Just Kicking The Tires

While it’s easy to understand why pro-Republican commentators may be talking about “political realignment” – it just isn’t happening – at least not yet. Not enough people voted for Bush (51% – and it really was John Kerry’s to lose). Too many voted for Bush but felt him sorely lacking in any number of measures. […]

Vice President Cheney On Gay Marriage – Election Ploy

E.J. Dionne gives Dick Cheney too much credit I think. While Dionne certainly explores the possibility of Cheney cynical positioning himself as a states rights upholder in the gay marriage debate, so that he can appeal to voters, Dionne is not totally convinced this is the case, explaining: “Moreover, even if Cheney’s statement was primarily […]