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Today Is Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today about twenty thousand people gathered in Poland at the site of a former concentration camp to remember genocide – and how some survived. They heard speeches. Many made a two-mile march, symbolically defiant, from the Auschwitz concentration camp to the Birkenau camp to honor the six million Jews that died in the Holocaust. This […]

The Value Of Life: From Genocide In Sudan To Terri Schiavo

Yesterday’s Washington Post Editorial “An Opportunity in Darfur” shows where things stand in the ongoing Sudanese genocide of “African” Muslims there, much to the shame of the United States and the world. Sudan’s policy has shifted from arguing it should be left alone to inviting the world to help prevent the genocide. Given the Sudanese […]

Cambodian “Killing Fields” Memorial In Chicago

The first Cambodian genocide memorial in the U.S. was opened to the public yesterday at the opening of the Cambodian American Heritage Museum in Chicago. The “Killing Fields” memorial remembers those killed in the Cambodian genocide by the Khmer Rouge, whose communist leader Pol Pot sought to take a modernizing country and forcibly return it […]

Dean Adds His Voice To Stopping Genocide in Darfur

[Editor Note: I had originally spelled Darfur “Dafur” which I believe is incorrect, so I have corrected the spelling in this entry.] Howard Dean today criticized the lack of action to prevent genocide in the Dafur region of Sudan. He used the occassion to show the difference between Bush and commonsense: “My challenge to the […]

What Can be Done to Stop Genocide in Darfur?

[Editor Note: I had originally spelled Darfur “Dafur” which I believe is incorrect, so I have corrected the spelling in this entry.] While I am not an expert by any means in African affairs, as I have said before clearly something must be done to stop the slaughter and displacement of people in the Darfur […]

Kristof Blog On What You Can Do About Sudan

Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote some ideas of what might be done about the genocide in the Sudan. He admits he is a reporter, not an activist of lobbyist, so we have to view his ideas through that lens. I plan to revisit this topic later, but at least those that are […]

GOP Criticizes Clinton on Rwanda – They Have Their Chance in Sudan

The Republicans were quick to note Clinton’s failure to acknowledge the Rwandan genocide and his subsequent lying about it. It would have been more honest of them to point this out, and then discuss what they would have done. The genocide provided, in a horrible irony, a rare moment of agreement between Bush and Clinton […]

More Views of Rwanda

There’s a great interview from February 2000 that gives some more insight into Philip Gourevitch’s views. I want to be clear that my interest in him is that he brings an informed, and somewhat level-headed (at least it seems so) judgment to his views on the Rwandan genocide, and African genocide in general. I have […]

Clinton’s Failure

David Corn in the Nation writes a pretty damning piece about Clinton’s lack of reaction to the 1994 Rwandan genocide, despite his knowledge of it. Particularly poignant, “In the first weeks of this tragedy, human rights advocates urged Clinton to issue a clear and forceful declaration that a genocide was happening and that the killers […]

Rwanda: Hutu on Tutsi Genocide and the Reverse

Nicole properly comments on my entry “Preventing Another Rwanda” that “It seems interesting to me that the links provided here chronicle Hutu on Tutsi genocide, but ignore the reverse. In 1972, in Burundi, the Tutsi run government exterminated thousands of Hutus, yet you rarely hear of it when genocide in Africa is discussed.” This was […]