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A Nice (and Terrible) Thing To Say About U.S. Health Care Researchers

Yes, given the importance of health care in our economy (not to mention to our health), health care researchers should be held to a high standard.

When Bipartisanship Clogs Health Care Reform…

“Doctor why have you stopped the bypass surgery – the patient is dying!” “I’m sorry.  It’s not bipartisan.” When “bipartisanship” clogs health care reform, we should bypass it. [Hat tip to Senator Bernie Sanders for the inspiration]

What The Stimulus Says About Us….

We’d rather continue to substantially cut taxes, especially those at the upper end, while sacrificing our society’s future economic competitiveness and health through reduced infrastructure spending, reduced education spending, and reduced health care spending among others. On that latter topic, Ezra poses the challenge: “A decent society doesn’t spen[d] $70 billion on an upper-class tax […]

Senator Dick Durbin On Why We Need Government

From yesterday’s New York Times “Senators Urge More Stringent Rules for Toy Safety” – links mine: Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, praised the toy industry for acknowledging that hazardous toys are a real problem. ‘There is no corporate denial here,’ he said. ‘There is no defensive crouch.’ But Mr. Durbin said he was […]

Biggert, Kirk, Roskam Vote Against Childrens Health And Medicare Protection Act Of 2007

[Thanks to Gloria Andersen for pointing out the votes.] Paul Krugman summarizes the legislation, which involves expanding health care to financially qualified children through increased tobacco taxes and reductions in private insurance subsidies to Medicare. The bill does not cut any funds to the lower cost, more efficient, traditional government Medicare plan that the vast […]

Leaving The World A Better Place…

I just found out that a Dean volunteer I knew has end-stage cancer. I didn’t know her well – but she struck me as sincere and dedicated about making the world a better place – it was a lifelong dedication that went far beyond the Dean Campaign and “politics.” She isn’t particularly old, but she […]

The State Of American Manufacturing – Where’s The Commercial

You would think Chinese manufacturing is in crisis. News of imported Chinese contaminated food of various types, including various types of meat, and other products like toothpaste, seems to come every month. Toy recalls, including those for highly visible, upper-end products, often involving lead paint, keep chugging along. Between food poisoning, lead contamination and other […]

Durbin Seeks To Streamline Food Safety – Monitoring Shouldn’t Depend On Pizza Toppings

Food safety regulation in the U.S. is fragmented among 12 federal agencies with no overarching logic. Providing safe cheese pizza is the responsibility of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – but if you put pepperoni on it, the Department of Agriculture is responsible. That makes no sense. The results from spinach to peanut butter […]