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What if Housing is Done for a Generation?

From twitter @mark_neely “What if Housing is Done for a Generation?” by Tyler Durden points to some pretty scary economics (I take exception to his federal deficit talk – it isn’t the issue – but in the main my sense is he’s on to something).  A key quote: “Without going into too much detail, we […]

Misappropriate – Mortgage Settlement Money Going to WI Gen Budget

Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen aren’t the first public officials to take money intended for one purpose and use it for another.  In the case of the national mortgage fraud settlement money funding for Wisconsin, part of a settlement already grossly inadequate for helping provide restitution to victims, it will be […]

Local Version – If You Like What’s Happening, Vote Republican

It’s interesting that even in local races, in the face of a hiring freeze in Naperville and a budget requiring cuts, in the face of a recent county-level budget meltdown requiring record property tax increases, etc. that the claim is made that things are going great in Naperville and DuPage and to continue them, continue […]

Irony: No More Homeless In America

Thanks to the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Americans are all homeowners now – it’s just that not everyone can live in one.

“At Least Four….”

Like many Americans facing the housing crisis, John McCain apparently doesn’t know if he still owns his home. Unlike almost all Americans, that’s because John McCain has lost count of how many homes he owns. When asked by Politico how many homes he has, John McCain said, “I think – I’ll have my staff get […]

New Study Shows Wealth Gains Over Last Two Decades Lost In Housing Bubble

[Hat tip Doug May] The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) study by Dean Baker and David Rosnick, “The Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth.” shows that over the last two decades (from 1989 to the projected 2009) median wealth for people age 35 – 54 was flat or declining assuming another […]

NPR – Transportation Availability Translating Into Higher Housing Prices

What Jacky Grimshaw noted locally about Kendall County is a reality in other areas too – the further you are from good mass transit the more costly the commute – which, according to NPR is where in some locales you will find housing discounted and not selling. In Kendall County it seems sales and prices […]

Housing Transit Costs Are All About Location, Location, Location

Jacky Grimshaw, VP for Policy, Transportation and Community Development at Center for Neighborhood Technology, wrote an important Letter to the Editor in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune: “With a reported median selling price of $227,000, homebuyers feel they can get the most home for their money in Kendall County (“Kendall nation’s fastest-growing county; Locals proud despite area’s […]

DuPage Urbanization

Progress Illinois has a great discussion of DuPage urbanization based on this Boston Review article. I have some mixed thoughts about what’s there – but they’re certainly worth reading.

Dean Baker’s Progressive Take On Alleviating The Mortgage Crisis

Here’s Dean Baker’s solution – quick and to the point. Here’s why Dean Baker is against a bailout of a type that [is] most often discussed. It’s very much worth a read.