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State Water Policy, Two Views Of The Future….

[Hat tip David Zetland] In New Mexico journalist John Fleck writes about a court ruling limiting future well drilling for new residents: “A state court this week threw out New Mexicans’ longstanding legal right to drill a domestic water well without having to worry about whether it would leave less water for their neighbors. The […]

ActBlue And State Rep Candidate Daniel Biss In NYT

Read the article about online Democratic fundraising here. From the article: “Daniel Biss, a University of Chicago math professor, has raised $51,000 through ActBlue for his 2008 race for the Illinois House. His campaign Web site links donors to ActBlue, where his page features a YouTube video of supporter endorsements. ‘By far, this is the […]

Endorsing Bill Foster Part I – How Did I Get Here

It’s often useful to read your critics, and I thank the Illinois Review (genuinely) for pointing out what seems like inconsistencies from last night’s blogging. Last night I endorsed and praised Bill Foster, disagreed with him on a particular policy and then critiqued one of his competitors (John Laesch) and offered advice. Looked at in […]

Leaving The World A Better Place…

I just found out that a Dean volunteer I knew has end-stage cancer. I didn’t know her well – but she struck me as sincere and dedicated about making the world a better place – it was a lifelong dedication that went far beyond the Dean Campaign and “politics.” She isn’t particularly old, but she […]

Let’s Talk Hair – Dennis Kucinich And Ron Paul – The Difference Beyond Policy

It was a fluff piece in The American Prospect about the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary – a ‘get to meet your candidates on the campaign trail’ piece. Written by Garance Franke-Ruta, who I generally respect as a writer, the 1,350 word article, “Presidential hopefuls strut their stuff at Wednesday’s Democratic cattle call,” covered each of […]

John Edwards $15 Fundraiser In Chicago At BB’s Last Night

BB’s Bar and Restaurant was packed, with barely any room to stand (or get to the bar), last night for John Edwards‘ $15 a head “Small Change for Big Change” fundraiser. I admire most of Edwards’ progressive policies, and the event featured a lot of them. Joe Costigan, Treasurer of UNITE HERE Chicago & Midwest […]

It Takes A Train To Cry…

I’ve always been more struck by the title of Bob Dylan’s “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” than the song itself. The title always seemed more poignant to me. Four years ago in 2003 – it seems much longer than that – Rick Klau advertised a Howard Dean house […]

Howard Dean In Chicago For DNC Event Last Wednesday Night, Introduced By Mayor Daley

Mayor Richard M. Daley and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean spoke at a grassroots DNC fundraiser last Wednesday at the Hilton Chicago. With Eric Davis doing the introductions, Mayor Daley recognized Eric’s praise of Chicago’s environmental successes and economic successes. The Mayor went further in suggesting that the Democratic Party represents the way […]

Obama Campaign Fundraising Strategy – Value The Talk, It Isn’t Cheap

There’s already been coverage of Barack Obama’s success at Facebook, a social networking site. Give credit to the “official” Obama Campaign for getting the principle, social networking, and not fixating on the vehicle (Facebook, Myspace, etc.). From today’s Obama Campaign fundraising appeal: “Dear Friend, The special-interest industry in Washington has only grown since the last […]

DuPage Democracy For America Meetup Makes The Chicago Tribune Today

The DuPage (Wheaton) Democracy for America group was one of three Democracy for Illinois groups featured in a Chicago Tribune story today (Metro West section for Wheaton). We even got a picture (not available online) featuring Tim Roach, Doug Henk, Beth Sullivan and Carson Shields. The article gives a little bit of information about the […]