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Prank – Bus Shelter Offered as Rental with “Easy Access for Transit”

Pretty funny! (h/t Mike Barrett)

Robert Reich on Morality and the Difference Between the 1884 and 2012 Elections

Robert Reich blogs about the difference between public and private morality – and how the GOP focus on private morality to the exclusion of public morality is itself immoral.  He’s right as far as he goes and implicitly notes Democrats have their public morality issues (notably Obama also ran on private morality (“personal responsibility”) issues […]

Mayors Of America Take Note

My almost seven-year old informed me last weekend that it was “dumb” that we have only two days off on the weekend because if you need to go to California that takes two days, and then when you get back you’ve missed two days of school. He thought “the Mayor” should do something about fixing […]

State Water Policy, Two Views Of The Future….

[Hat tip David Zetland] In New Mexico journalist John Fleck writes about a court ruling limiting future well drilling for new residents: “A state court this week threw out New Mexicans’ longstanding legal right to drill a domestic water well without having to worry about whether it would leave less water for their neighbors. The […]

Random (But Persistent) Thought – So-Called “Austin Mayor”

For a while now I’ve been thinking there’s a certain genius to So-Called “Austin Mayor” being interested in (and blogging) both politics and comics. I think it probably helps make the political blogging better because of the mental atmosphere (or whatever you would call it). Take the observation for what it’s worth.

Romney Campaign Staffing Suffers Shortage Of B-Movie Actors

Due to a surge in “B”-film making caused by the dramatic rise of YouTube, less staffers are available for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. This effect is compounded by the turbulent waters Mitt’s campaign staff navigate daily.

Court Finds FCC Can’t Punish TV For “Fleeting Expletives”

From the New York Times story, “Court Rebuffs F.C.C. on Fines for Indecency,” “If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts. That, in essence, was the decision on Monday, when a federal appeals panel […]

America Loses Mark Twain Again – Kurt Vonnegut, Jr 1922 – 2007

If you had wanted someone to play a modern Mark Twain you would be hard pressed to find someone better than Kurt Vonnegut. Not only, like Twain, is Vonnegut the pre-eminent humorist of his time – he even looks the part (see a picture of Mark Twain and one of Kurt Vonnegut). I read Kurt […]

So-Called “Austin Mayor” On DuPage County “Strategic Plan”

It’s rare that I say that I’m happy I didn’t read a blog entry by So-Called “Austin Mayor” – in this case his take on the DuPage County Board’s “Strategic Plan” – by not reading it (until recently) we’ve gotten two critical, independent takes on the same topic – and I think both worth reading […]

In Honor Of The Sick ‘Austin Mayor’ – “Maybe Because Popcorn Explodes?”

Austin Mayor is sick today (and apparently has been for at least a few days). I’m actually home sick today too – though feeling better. In solidarity with da Mayor, and hoping he feels much better soon, here is today’s blog entry. You may never look at popcorn, a flea market or the Apple and […]