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Foster Snags Sun-Times Endorsement From Oberweis In IL-14

I was and am proud to have supported Bill Foster for the Congressional 14th District seat in the special election earlier this year. Bill’s victory was a great victory for the residents of the 14th District, who have gained a hardworking, serious representative fighting for their interests in Congress. It’s nice to see that the […]

Unconventional Wisdom – Scott Harper’s 13th Congressional Strategy

It is a political campaign maxim, particularly for non-incumbents, that campaigns must jealously focus on their own race to win – and that any ‘distraction’ from their campaign comes at great or even unbearable cost. While examples may exist, how often have you heard of an underdog congressional campaign taking their volunteers to canvass for […]

DCCC “Red To Blue” Program 2008

The Democratic Congressional Committee (DCCC) has three Illinois congressional candidates in it’s “Red to Blue” Program to date – Dan Seals for the 10th District in the “Candidates for Change” list, Debbie Halvorson for the 11th District in the “Open Seats” list, and Bill Foster in the special election section of the “Open Seats” list […]

All Of DuPage County Target For Congressional Dems – Amazing!

[Hat tip Josh Kalven for the great news about Scott Harper] Elected just last month in the 14th Congressional District, Bill Foster is the first Democratic congressman in the district since Democrat Chester C. Thompson was defeated in 1938 (DuPage was then represented in the 11th District – by Republicans). While the district boundaries have […]

Weekend Dem Dates – A Weekend DEMonstrably Two Good!

Grab a Dem (or two) and go! Saturday, March 29th 10:05 AM – Catch Congressman Bill Foster’s Democratic Radio Address on the economy on major networks including including AP, ABC, NPR, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Fox News Radio, and C-SPAN – check your local listings. You can catch it a second time including transcript here […]

Bill Foster To Do National Dem Address On Economy Saturday, March 29

[Update: Progress Illinois has more on the address here.] From the Bill Foster Campaign: Congressman Bill Foster has the honor of delivering the Democratic Radio Address this weekend on strengthening America’s economy. The address will be broadcast nationwide reaching millions of Americans who face many of the same struggles we face here in the 14th […]

Statement From Congressman Bill Foster IL-14 On The 5th Anniversary Of The Iraq War

From Congressman Bill Foster: “Today marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. We are proud of the work our fine men and women in uniform have accomplished in the field. They have done everything we have asked of them. We are forever indebted to their service and the sacrifice their […]

Bill Foster In IL-14 Already Making Us Proud

Bill cast a deciding ethics vote – good for him and good for us too! [Hat tip Steve Stearns]

I Called Bill’s Victory Before I Even Knew Him…

December 2005: “While one (maybe two) Democratic wins are possible in 2006, I expect we will have at least one Democratic congressional representative by 2008. Optimistic? Perhaps. Realistic? Yes. Demographic changes, candidate quality and the political environment have improved that much.” Thank you Bill Foster for making it happen!

Victory For Residents Of The 14th District – Bill Foster Is Your New Congressman

Tonight is daylight savings – a night that we turn the clocks ahead. It is fitting that this evening, where we “spring forward” in time, the residents of the 14th District have given Democrat Bill Foster a historic victory. Congratulations to the residents of the 14th District, who chose to move forward by electing Bill. […]