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Stimulus – Congressman Roskam Can’t Count To Four

Some federal legislation is confusing and hard to evaluate. Sometimes it’s due to complexity – other times it’s because opponents create complexity to mislead the public. Congressman Peter Roskam recently decided to confuse what the recently passed stimulus package does – and then criticize it for what it doesn’t do. The federal stimulus package (“American […]

Morgenthaler In IL-6 – Voters Can Choose Peter Roskam Or Common Sense

IL-13 Democrat Scott Harper Joins DCCC List Of “Emerging Races”

Late last week 13th District Democratic candidate Scott Harper joined fellow Democrats Jill Morgenthaler in the 6th District and Colleen Callahan in the 18th District on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s “Emerging Races” list. This list of “Democratic candidates [that] have generated excitement in their districts for their campaigns for change” is seen as a […]

Lindy Scott Weighs In On McCain “The One” Commercial

I took a look at McCain’s “The One” commercial and came away with two impressions: it obviously had a lot of symbolism I wasn’t getting and it seemed low budget, kind of Monty Pythonesque. Then, thanks to Kevin Drum I read Amy Sullivan’s analysis of the commercial in Time which put pieces into place for […]

Morgenthaler, Callahan Make Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “Emerging” Race List

Playing catch-up with this one – 6th Congressional Democratic Candidate Jill Morgenthaler and 18th Congressional Democratic Candidate Colleen Callahan made the recently announced DCCC “Emerging” list of 20 races where “candidates have generated excitement in their districts for their campaigns for change.” Jill Morgenthaler in the 6th District has expanded her campaign team, posted respectable […]

Congressional Candidate Jill Morgenthaler’s New Website Up In IL-6

Jill Morgenthaler’s Congressional Campaign in IL-06 has started to pick up momentum with additions/changes in staff, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) designation as a “targeted district” and a solid, if still needing to be ramped up, first full fundraising quarter quarter of over $200,000. The addition of experienced campaign manager Bill Romjue, who has worked […]

All Of DuPage County Target For Congressional Dems – Amazing!

[Hat tip Josh Kalven for the great news about Scott Harper] Elected just last month in the 14th Congressional District, Bill Foster is the first Democratic congressman in the district since Democrat Chester C. Thompson was defeated in 1938 (DuPage was then represented in the 11th District – by Republicans). While the district boundaries have […]

Weekend Dem Dates – A Weekend DEMonstrably Two Good!

Grab a Dem (or two) and go! Saturday, March 29th 10:05 AM – Catch Congressman Bill Foster’s Democratic Radio Address on the economy on major networks including including AP, ABC, NPR, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Fox News Radio, and C-SPAN – check your local listings. You can catch it a second time including transcript here […]

Why We Must Vote For Peter Roskam IL-6

What he says. Now back to my origami.

Democrat Jill Morgenthaler Sweeping Endorsements In IL-6 Congressional Primary

From the Jill Morgenthaler Congressional Campaign: “The Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald are the latest in a slew of Democratic Primary endorsements from prominent public officials and organizations including President Bill Clinton’s 1992 Campaign Manager and former DNC Chair David Wilhelm, Illinois Tollway Commissioner Brian McPartlin, Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Federation of Teachers, United Auto […]