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Rod Blagojevich Will You Please Go Now!

Rod Blagojevich will you please go now! The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by cow. Rod Blagojevich will you please go now!

Can’t Get That Quinn Tune Out Of My Head….

Apparently there was some administrative (Blago)glitch last election – and after an unnecessary delay, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn finally gets to take office as governor. November 3, 2006, four days before the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial election found me humming this: “…Everybody’s in despair, Every girl and boy But when Democrat Pat Quinn gets here, Everybody’s […]

“I Think I’m A Great Governor”

Today in Denver Governor Rod Blagojevich recognized the problem. It’s a good first step. [I heard the quote first on NPR – but Margaret Lyons in the Chicagoist has her take on it too.]

Joe Birkett Still Uncertain About Running For DuPage State’s Attorney Again

Eric Krol previously reported that DuPage State’s Attorney Joe Birkett might not run for re-election. Today the Daily Herald reports Joe is still on the fence – but Birkett also thinks he may have a statewide race in him yet – even after losing his bid for Illinois Attorney General and, this election, Lt Governor. […]

Rob Bisceglie Fundraiser In Wheaton – “A Green Way Of Thinking For The 21st Century”

Tonight Connie Sue Schmidt of the Sierra Club’s River Prairie Group announced their endorsement of Democrat Rob Bisceglie for 45th District State Representative at his Danada House fundraiser in Wheaton. Connie pointed particularly to Rob’s long-standing commitment to maintain open spaces and to bring state funding for the environment to DuPage, and she pledged Sierra […]

Bush In Chicago, Aurora Today – Raises $1.2 Million For Topinka

It wasn’t late at night. It wasn’t an undisclosed location (and with a day or so of public notice ahead – it was actually well-publicized by the standards of the secretive Bush Administration). Today President George W. Bush raised $1.2 million for gubernatorial candidate Judy Baar Topinka despite a George Will Chicago Sun-Times column in […]

ArchPundit Takes Topinka To Task For Fake Tax Relief

I was planning to take a look at what Judy Baar Topinka was proposing to do with gas prices, but ArchPundit beat me to it. Bottomline, Judy’s proposal to reduce gas prices will cut around a quarter of a dollar per tank off what you pay. That won’t even pay for a cup of coffee […]

Edwin Eisendrath – What Game Is He Playing?

I fluctuate between being bewildered and horrified by a sense of betrayal. I didn’t think the first run of Edwin Eisendrath’s commercials was any great shakes, unlike other political analysts who called them the worst political commercials ever. But now I have to ask: What is Edwin Eisendrath, the only Democratic alternative to Governor Rod […]

Aurora Beacon News Puts Oberweis On Ice

Hat tip to Steve Aldrich. Under the title “Campaign strategy run amok,” the Beacon News yesterday slammed Jim Oberweis the politician, not just the gubernatorial campaign. From the Beacon News: “The issue: The continued political gaffes of Jim Oberweis. We say: Once supported as our hometown guy, Oberweis has demonstrated poor judgment in his recent […]

Illinois Democratic Primary For Governor – Following The Money

Susan Manilow, a Chicago philanthropist and Democratic Party supporter, has financially supported her son Edwin Eisendrath’s gubernatorial candidacy. Last December she gave $10,000 to his campaign and loaned it an additional $40,000. For a single donor that’s quite a bit. Her husband and Eisendrath’s step-father, Lewis Manilow, also gave $50,000 in loans and donations. Last […]