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Misunderstanding and Misjudging

People thought that the Supreme Court majority in Bush v. Gore, which handed the 2004 election to George W. Bush against democratic norms, said that the case didn’t establish a precedent.  It was a misunderstanding.  What the Supreme Court majority actually said was that the case did establish their prescience.

Maybe Rick Perry Thought It Was A Limbo Game…

In recent years the bar has been set pretty low for Texas governors aspiring to be president.  It appears even Rick Perry fundraisers found their candidate below the bar.

$350 Billion Down, $350 Billion To Go….

Talking Points Memo has a nice article on some of the people currently running TARP, the unaccountable group lead by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that (currently) has spent/(mis)managed around $350 billion taxpayer dollars for something that has to do with banks (I wish I could be more specific – really – but nobody including the […]

Henry Paulson’s $700B Bailout Not Designed For Auto Industry

Sometimes you hear something repeated as a talking point that’s so obvious you wonder why they bother. Here’s Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s carefully designed $700 billion Wall Street bailout that later was only slightly elaborated in a three page proposal to congress: Clearly there’s no room for “auto industry” in the plan.

Other Shoe Dropping From Bailout

I was originally against the $700 billion bailout because of a profound lack of trust in the Bush Administration. I regret to say I was right. The two major objections I had were that the real costs of the bailout would be hidden and that while asking for new powers the Bush Administration would hide […]

E. J. Dionne On The Fractured GOP

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”” Hosea 8:7 Political parties often constitute uneasy alliances. The Republican Party has had to get the bulk of its votes from people voting against their economic interests. While the GOP has gotten these votes, they came at a price. A lot of ‘true […]

Money Indicator Of Salvation Part II

You can think of the prior post as ‘lack of money indicating salvation’ because GOP operatives can’t afford to slime Obama with dishonest attacks. Consider Part II to be Democratic Congressional Candidate El Tinklenberg raising close to a million dollars in response to Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous claim that Barack Obama and possibly members […]

Sliming Obama – A Luxury They Can No Longer Afford

There are real world consequences for supporting policies that destroy the economy. One is that you can’t afford to support those policies. The irony.

How To Prevent National Health Care, Infrastructure Investments And Putting America Back To Work

I’m becoming more and more convinced that a bailout package spending hundred of billions of dollars (arguably trillions in total) is just another way to forestall America investing in itself – much like the Iraq War. Why do we have the most expensive and least comprehensive health care coverage in the world? Well, because we’ve […]

Thinking No Bailout Until There’s A New Treasury Secretary

Henry Paulson might be forgiven for omission of facts in these troubled financial times – telling us everything might further erode the standing of businesses, and an economy, that might otherwise do better. But there’s a difference between that and lying and making things up (like the number 700 billion) and Paulson seems to have […]