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Wisconsin Governor Walker Fundraising Expenses Show Post-Governor View

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spent $4.2 million this year on “fundraising” with SCM Associates, a New Hampshire GOP fundraising firm that does direct mail/email and telemarketing.  Given that Walker raised more than $25 million over the period – the $4.2 million is part of 20% or so spent “raising” the money.  That cost isn’t cheap.  […]

Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood Background

There’s certainly a lot being discussed about this – four pieces I’ve found illuminating for a variety reasons: – Nonprofit Social Media Perspective – Kivi Leroux Miller (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog) – Lea Goldman on “The Big Business of Breast Cancer” – A classic piece of investigative journalism on Komen by Mary Ann Swissler “Running […]

Nonsense Mr. Beutler

In a TPM article that I otherwise think gets it right, “MSNBC Reports Defense Cuts, Guest Corrects Record,” reporter Brian Beutler writes that “I don’t think this tendency [to report a modest budget increase as a “steep” budget cut] stems from an intentional malice – it’s more of an epiphenomenon rooted in years of being […]

Spare Change? The Stimulus And Bailouts Are Too Valuable

Almost absent from the dominant discussion of the federal stimulus package (and bailouts) is any attempt at progressive change that goes beyond the surface of ‘what we buy.’ I spoke yesterday about tying taxpayer expenditures to a living wage – but I’ve been thinking about this type of thing for a while agreeing with Matthew […]

New York Times – Wings And Things

With William Kristol happily gone from the New York Times Opinion section I have a suggestion – why not replace the right-wing columnist with a left one? Before Kristol you tried a libertarian – what about trying a communitarian? or perhaps someone from the environmental community or labor? Just sayin’.

Did Tom Cross Upset Daily Herald?

I was looking at the results in the Daily Herald and found this: I found this so amazing I double-checked – and House Minority Leader Cross won 60-40. Go figure.

Obama Targeting Economic Message

Yesterday Jonathan Cohn expressed concerned about Barack Obama’s recent two minute ad not properly laying blame for the economic crisis on the conservative deregulation policies of President Bush and the GOP. Today I got an email from the Obama campaign, pointing to the ad, but framing it slightly differently: “The economy hit a new low […]


Jesse Jackson Jr. [Also read Rich Miller’s roundup here.]

Obama Leads McCain 76%-23% In National Poll – Obama Still Can Catch Up

From the AP news wires today: Booneville, Ky – “Senator Barack Obama often commands large crowds of young people, college graduates and women at speeches and campaign rallies. But the central front in his war for the White House with Senator John McCain remains hardscrabble Appalachian communities like Owsley County, Kentucky (population 4,858), where Senator […]

New Study Shows Wealth Gains Over Last Two Decades Lost In Housing Bubble

[Hat tip Doug May] The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) study by Dean Baker and David Rosnick, “The Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth.” shows that over the last two decades (from 1989 to the projected 2009) median wealth for people age 35 – 54 was flat or declining assuming another […]