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Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood Background

There’s certainly a lot being discussed about this – four pieces I’ve found illuminating for a variety reasons: – Nonprofit Social Media Perspective – Kivi Leroux Miller (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog) – Lea Goldman on “The Big Business of Breast Cancer” – A classic piece of investigative journalism on Komen by Mary Ann Swissler “Running […]

When Bipartisanship Clogs Health Care Reform…

“Doctor why have you stopped the bypass surgery – the patient is dying!” “I’m sorry.  It’s not bipartisan.” When “bipartisanship” clogs health care reform, we should bypass it. [Hat tip to Senator Bernie Sanders for the inspiration]

End Of Week Mea Culpas From DuPage Taxes To Judy Biggert

Like everyone I make mistakes, but my writing quality is usually better than it was this week. I have two sizable mistakes in mind (perhaps my readers have more). The first mistake was in “DuPage Taxation – A Watershed Proposal” where I wrote about two main topics: the possibility that the DuPage County Board was […]

What Bill Baar Gets Right And Wrong About My SCHIP And Congressman Biggert Post

I disagree with Bill Baar’s stance against SCHIP funding, which provides children with subsidized health insurance when their working parents are of modest means and (in most cases) unable to afford private health coverage. Baar quotes Harold Ickes’ “What is an American?” in support of his position and suggests that Congressman Biggert use that to […]

Congressman Judy Biggert Why Aren’t You Proud To Be An American?

Congressman Judy Biggert remember in school they used to talk about American ingenuity and know-how – how we were a go-getter society that could accomplish great things? Remember how they talked about America being the land of opportunity, where ordinary people could work hard, raise a family and the kids would do better than their […]

Biggert, Kirk, Roskam Vote Against Childrens Health And Medicare Protection Act Of 2007

[Thanks to Gloria Andersen for pointing out the votes.] Paul Krugman summarizes the legislation, which involves expanding health care to financially qualified children through increased tobacco taxes and reductions in private insurance subsidies to Medicare. The bill does not cut any funds to the lower cost, more efficient, traditional government Medicare plan that the vast […]

Bush Administration Continues To Mess With Medicare, Denying Seniors Crucial Information

From today’s New York Times article “Democrats Critical of New Medicare Guide” the last paragraph of a story that is a major story itself: “Under federal law, the secretary of health and human services is to disseminate information comparing the performance of private plans under Medicare. But Consumers Union pointed out that this information was […]

A Medicare Drug Plan Clarification….

You can’t make stuff like this up. From the Q&A section of the Medicare Drug Plan (aka “Part D”): “Question What if the prescription I take is not covered by my Medicare drug plan? Will Medicaid still pay for it? Answer If Medicare covers a prescription drug, Medicaid will not pay for it. However, Medicare […]

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich VS. A Few Pharmacists

What is it about some in the GOP and pharmacists? The last “successful” Republican pharmacist I remember was George Ryan. Read more about what Governor Rod Blagojevich actually requires Illinois pharmacies and pharmacists to do regarding birth control prescriptions. Blagojevich’s rule accommodates one’s conscience and common sense.

Democracy For America Endorses Iraq War Veteran Paul Hackett For Ohio’s Special 2nd Congressional District Election

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy For America (DFA), sent out an email today asking DFA-ers to support Democrat Paul Hacket in a special election being held August 2nd for Congressman Rob Portman’s vacated seat in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District (President George Bush recently appointed Portman to serve as United States Trade Representative). Hacket, a lawyer […]