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We Were Promised Jetpacks

I really don’t know the band We Were Promised Jetpacks (just listened to a bit now) – but I’ve seen the name popping up a couple years now in emails for concerts and it’s an incredibly evocative name for me.  Just enough of a kid’s petulant condemnation mixed with dashed hopes and the hazy promise […]

Busking Behavior – Neil Young, Joshua Bell and the Case for Public Art

This video of Neil Young busking in Glasgow in 1976 incognito before a concert is worth a look (especially if you’re a fan of his early work like me) It reminds me of the Washington Post’s experiment with the great violinist Joshua Bell (very much worth reading/seeing the video).  In the experiment Bell, one of […]

Lucky Dube 1964-2007

I was far from South African reggae star Lucky Dube’s biggest fan, only having a couple of his albums, but I liked what I heard. Perhaps most memorable for me were the lyrics in his title song “Prisoner” – “They won’t build no schools anymore/They won’t build no hospitals(x2)/All they’ll build will be prison, prison […]