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Unexceptionalism – A Primer

h/t Atrios – E. L. Doctorow provides the Primer. Read it. Grieve. Work, in small ways and big and in whatever way you can, for something much, much better. We all deserve something much, much better – recognizing that democratic ideal was in part what made us exceptional.

Komen Foundation/Planned Parenthood Background

There’s certainly a lot being discussed about this – four pieces I’ve found illuminating for a variety reasons: – Nonprofit Social Media Perspective – Kivi Leroux Miller (Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog) – Lea Goldman on “The Big Business of Breast Cancer” – A classic piece of investigative journalism on Komen by Mary Ann Swissler “Running […]

Yes We HCAN!

While I’ll have more thoughts about this later, one of the things to keep an eye on in the coming year(s) are advocacy movements seeking major policy changes in areas of obvious national neglect like health care, the environment, energy, water rights/distribution, etc. The reason is that I take (future President) Barack Obama at his […]

Andrew Sullivan Writes About King George

Andrew Sullivan, born in England, knows something about monarchy. Recently Sullivan wrote a short piece in Time Magazine, “We Don’t Need a New King George: How can the President interpret the law as if it didn’t apply to him?” about President Bush’s use of “signing statements,” written descriptions of the President’s interpretation of congressional bills […]

Al Gore Speech Defending Senate Judicial Filibuster

Former Vice President and Tennessee Senator Al Gore gave a speech yesterday afternoon in Washington, D.C. for where he defended the judicial filibuster in the U.S. Senate (full text in this link), a 230 year tradition that Republicans in the senate are trying to end in favor of a simple majority vote for federal […]

Another Example of Intelligence in the Bush Administration

People say things sometimes that are honest, but in hindsight seem rather unfortunate. Most, if not all of us, do it. Usually, however, we don’t get the job when we’ve said we lack the intelligence skills to get it. That doesn’t seem true in the Bush Administration, at least as far as intelligence goes. Could […]

What Democrats Can Afford To Consider

Political Wire reports Democrats raised more money than Republicans this quarter. I’d love to see this advantage turned into leverage to enact better laws on public financing of elections. Money should not be a barrier to quality public servants. At the upper levels Americans of both parties vote for fundraisers who are politicians. I’d rather […]

David Brooks

I haven’t read all of David Brook’s columns by any means, nor heard all of his NPR interviews (though I’ve caught some, I’m a big E.J. Dionne fan), and I only have stomached some of his New York Times articles, so I can’t fully judge him. But I’ve never thought of him as more than […]

After A Long Battle With Alzheimer’s, Reagan Dies At 93

After struggling for 10 years with Alzheimer’s disease, former President Ronald Reagan has died. It was a horrible way to go, and we can only hope that Reagan’s prominence has helped and will help the search for a cure. A former Democrat and union leader, Reagan is best known for having helped launch a conservative […]