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Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias Supports Illinois Investment Transparency

Democratic Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias is backing two bills that would give the public more information about the state’s investments (the Treasurer invests about $14 billion in state funds according to Giannoulias Campaign communications). The bi-partisan legislation introduced in the House by Democratic State Representative Brandon Phelps (HB 824) and in the Senate by […]

Is New DuPage “Roadmap” More Monet Than McNally – $77,200 Price Puts It Between The Two

Yesterday DuPage County Board members received a strategic plan called a “very good roadmap” by County Board Chair Robert Schillerstrom according to the Naperville Sun. At a cost of $77,200 for much of the research and writing, the Regional Development Institute at Northern Illinois University helped produce the plan in consultation with county officials, developing […]

Naperville Homeowners Mayoral Candidate Forum – Questions Unasked And Unanswered

I’m playing catch-up after losing much of last week to stomach flu and having caught last Thursday’s Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation Mayoral Forum on cable TV. For those undecided and trying to pick a candidate, the forum was largely about two basic questions: ‘How can you change Naperville as mayor?’ and ‘Why should we change […]

DuPage Treasurer Gwen Henry Takes Step Towards Open Government – She Needs To Go Further

The Naperville Sun reported yesterday on DuPage County Treasurer Gwen Henry’s new “County Finances at a Glance” web page. Henry deserves credit for making DuPage finances more accessible – particularly by giving monthly updates (January 2007 is currently showing – hopefully it will still be accessible when February is put up). She told the Naperville […]

Rob Bisceglie Fundraiser In Wheaton – “A Green Way Of Thinking For The 21st Century”

Tonight Connie Sue Schmidt of the Sierra Club’s River Prairie Group announced their endorsement of Democrat Rob Bisceglie for 45th District State Representative at his Danada House fundraiser in Wheaton. Connie pointed particularly to Rob’s long-standing commitment to maintain open spaces and to bring state funding for the environment to DuPage, and she pledged Sierra […]

DuPage – Tired Of Wasteful Congressional Spending? Vote Democrat

One is a married lawyer with five children who says he has “a good job and a good life” and is running “not to get a job – but to do a job.” One is a married Iraqi War veteran with extensive public health experience who seeks “to provide access to affordable health care to […]

Harmon-Tryon ‘Truth In Taxation’ Bill Signed Into Law By Blagojevich

Democratic State Senator Don Harmon and Republican State Representative Mike Tryon tried to get their ‘truth in taxation’ legislation passed last session, but ran out of time. They kept up with the commonsense legislation that says that property tax referenda should spell out the dollar cost of increases instead of just saying the rate of […]

DuPage GOP Splitting Again With Bob Schillerstrom Over Party Candidates

In a repeat of reactions to DuPage County Board Chair Robert Schillerstrom’s boss politics, the Daily Herald reports today that “a group of Milton Township precinct committeemen” are saying that they have the power to decide in a convention who will replace recently deceased board member John Noel for DuPage County Board District 4]. The […]

DuPage County Election Commission Needs To Clean Up Its Act

There are a lot of people in DuPage who have worked tirelessly to keep the cause of impartial local elections in the news and to hold the DuPage County Election Commission accountable for problems. The problems can involve complex issues at times, and the ‘watchdogs’ deserve credit for their efforts. Unfortunately, the DuPage Election Commission […]

Feingold Shows How The Patriot Act Reauthorization Falls Short – Call Illinois Senators

[Cross-posted at Feingold for Illinois] Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold lists why the Patriot Act agreement with the White House fails to protect our freedoms. Illinois Senator Dick Durbin has largely signed on to this revised, but insufficient, Patriot Act deal. Call Senator Dick Durbin and Senator Barack Obama and tell them to reject this deal. […]