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Obama Targeting Economic Message

Yesterday Jonathan Cohn expressed concerned about Barack Obama’s recent two minute ad not properly laying blame for the economic crisis on the conservative deregulation policies of President Bush and the GOP. Today I got an email from the Obama campaign, pointing to the ad, but framing it slightly differently: “The economy hit a new low […]

Dean Baker’s Progressive Take On Alleviating The Mortgage Crisis

Here’s Dean Baker’s solution – quick and to the point. Here’s why Dean Baker is against a bailout of a type that [is] most often discussed. It’s very much worth a read.

Bill Richardson May Have Gotten More Press Endorsing Obama Than Running For President

This (really) may be the biggest positive press Bill Richardson has gotten since he ran for president. Without mapping out what Richardson may or may not gain from endorsing Barack Obama for president (who is pretty much the inevitable candidate) the higher profile alone might be meaningful to Richardson. Just a thought….

Catch Dan Johnson-Weinberger And Me On WGN Tomorrow At 9 PM

We’ll be on Milt Rosenberg’s show from 9 – 11 PM on WGN radio Friday, March 21st.