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Misunderstanding and Misjudging

People thought that the Supreme Court majority in Bush v. Gore, which handed the 2004 election to George W. Bush against democratic norms, said that the case didn’t establish a precedent.  It was a misunderstanding.  What the Supreme Court majority actually said was that the case did establish their prescience.

Sarah Palin’s Runway Spending – It’s Not Shabby Chic

It’s just shabby. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that grooming and clothing costs within reasonable bounds are justifiable campaign expenses (particularly if you’re doing things you normally wouldn’t do grooming- or clothing-wise for the political campaign). But you can’t have it both ways. If John Edwards got attacked for $400 haircuts – then […]

A Much Better Article On John McCain

I, like most people, think the New York Times did a bad job with its recent John McCain expose – beyond the sexual innuendo played for more than the article shows it’s worth, a lot of my criticism is about who decides the timing of publishing articles. I can’t help but think that had the […]

When You Can’t Argue The Merits….

Nobody has to agree with any given politician – even popular ones. But there’s a difference between disagreement, legitimate criticism and just making stuff up to attack. Barack Obama may or may not be someone you agree with – but the “lack of substance” discussions, referring to his legislative record and background, are just junk. […]


I’m one of Matt’s readers that missed the “the definitive article on ketchup” – but now I’ve read it I have to say “wow” – it really is worth reading. Some thoughts: – As a former Undergraduate Adviser once charged with ‘selling poli sci’ to prospective majors, I have to point out that “[t]he world’s […]

Leaving The World A Better Place…

I just found out that a Dean volunteer I knew has end-stage cancer. I didn’t know her well – but she struck me as sincere and dedicated about making the world a better place – it was a lifelong dedication that went far beyond the Dean Campaign and “politics.” She isn’t particularly old, but she […]

Let’s Talk Hair – Dennis Kucinich And Ron Paul – The Difference Beyond Policy

It was a fluff piece in The American Prospect about the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary – a ‘get to meet your candidates on the campaign trail’ piece. Written by Garance Franke-Ruta, who I generally respect as a writer, the 1,350 word article, “Presidential hopefuls strut their stuff at Wednesday’s Democratic cattle call,” covered each of […]

It Takes A Train To Cry…

I’ve always been more struck by the title of Bob Dylan’s “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” than the song itself. The title always seemed more poignant to me. Four years ago in 2003 – it seems much longer than that – Rick Klau advertised a Howard Dean house […]

Obama Campaign Fundraising Strategy – Value The Talk, It Isn’t Cheap

There’s already been coverage of Barack Obama’s success at Facebook, a social networking site. Give credit to the “official” Obama Campaign for getting the principle, social networking, and not fixating on the vehicle (Facebook, Myspace, etc.). From today’s Obama Campaign fundraising appeal: “Dear Friend, The special-interest industry in Washington has only grown since the last […]

Jonathan Chait: What Al Gore Learned From George W. Bush

Jonathan Chait’s recent online article, WHAT HILLARY CAN LEARN FROM GORE. Position Statement (login required – if you’re not a subscriber try the original LA Times article) is interesting for what it says about Al Gore, what it doesn’t say and what it shows. In the second half of the piece, Chait writes: “What [Hillary] […]