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We Were Promised Jetpacks

I really don’t know the band We Were Promised Jetpacks (just listened to a bit now) – but I’ve seen the name popping up a couple years now in emails for concerts and it’s an incredibly evocative name for me.  Just enough of a kid’s petulant condemnation mixed with dashed hopes and the hazy promise […]

Open Letter To President Obama Regarding Wasteful Military Spending

Dear Mr. President, Recently you discussed wasteful military spending with Senator John McCain, who pointed out that a new naval helicopter assigned to you might reflect wasteful spending. Examples like this, however, aren’t the only examples – even in the Navy. I am equally concerned about a past practice of having marginally, or perhaps even […]

$350 Billion Down, $350 Billion To Go….

Talking Points Memo has a nice article on some of the people currently running TARP, the unaccountable group lead by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson that (currently) has spent/(mis)managed around $350 billion taxpayer dollars for something that has to do with banks (I wish I could be more specific – really – but nobody including the […]

Obama And Lieberman – Inspire Fear, If Not Love, And Avoid Hatred

Independent and Democratically-aligned U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman has been beyond the pale for Democrats for a long time. He recently ratcheted things up while supporting Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama for President, attacking Obama with scurrilous, false and personal attacks during the campaign. As an added bonus for Democrats, Lieberman also campaigned for […]

Pictures From Tonight’s Obama Grant Park Rally

Rob and Nicole Freedman (pictured just below) took the shots The crowd Obama

The New Majority President, Barack Obama

Not since 1988, when Republican George H.W. Bush won the presidency by about 7%, have we had a presidential election won by a clear majority. President Clinton served eight years with a plurality of votes, and George W. Bush served eight years with less than a majority the first term, and at best a disputed […]

CNN Just Called It – Barack Obama 44th President Of The United States

I expected it, but WOW. What an incredible feeling.

Pick The Terror(able) Candidate

From Arran commenting on Spencer Ackerman’s “McCain Advisers Freaked Out by Al Qaeda Preference for McCain”: “‘Palls around’ with ‘washed-up terrorists’ – or – endorsed by Al Qaeda, the real deal note the lack of quotes on that second option.“

Sarah Palin’s Runway Spending – It’s Not Shabby Chic

It’s just shabby. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that grooming and clothing costs within reasonable bounds are justifiable campaign expenses (particularly if you’re doing things you normally wouldn’t do grooming- or clothing-wise for the political campaign). But you can’t have it both ways. If John Edwards got attacked for $400 haircuts – then […]

Money Indicator Of Salvation Part II

You can think of the prior post as ‘lack of money indicating salvation’ because GOP operatives can’t afford to slime Obama with dishonest attacks. Consider Part II to be Democratic Congressional Candidate El Tinklenberg raising close to a million dollars in response to Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s outrageous claim that Barack Obama and possibly members […]