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Romneycare 6th Anniversary

ThinkProgress has it.  On the 6th anniversary you traditionally give a gift of something iron and in modern times it’s a wooden gift – make of it what you will (Teaparty types might combine the ‘old’ and ‘new’ for pitchforks to celebrate). Romneycare was a bad second best – but far better than what it […]

What About Peace and Widely Shared Prosperity?

It would be nice if Democrats at every level decided to stand for peace and widely shared prosperity – and of course (key item!) do those things that would achieve the stated goal.  As it is, I’m waiting too.

Robert Reich on Morality and the Difference Between the 1884 and 2012 Elections

Robert Reich blogs about the difference between public and private morality – and how the GOP focus on private morality to the exclusion of public morality is itself immoral.  He’s right as far as he goes and implicitly notes Democrats have their public morality issues (notably Obama also ran on private morality (“personal responsibility”) issues […]

Kevin Drum Lays Out Clear Contraception Case

Kevin does a nice job presenting the issues around contraception concisely.  As others have noted, providing contraception has been widely accepted in America for a long time now – most people, including Mitt Romney, have presented it as a non-issue.  That doesn’t mean Mitt views it as a non-issue, or that it couldn’t become a […]

Gingrich Contract with Freddie Mac Says Nothing About His Services

I’m not a lawyer, but from what I can tell there’s next to no substance in Newt Gingrich’s contract with Freddie Mac once you get past various legal disclaimers, protections and, of course, his consulting fees.  To a layperson like me it boils down to ‘we’ll pay you $25K/month (up to $300K total) for whatever […]

Gingrich SC Victory Isn’t Reason For Celebration On the Left

It’s natural to think that you want the weakest opponent against your preferred candidate – but I’d offer a caution.  The weak opponent could win (anything’s possible – especially in these economic times) and then you have them, in this case Gingrich as President of the United States.  It’s a sobering thought.

Maybe Rick Perry Thought It Was A Limbo Game…

In recent years the bar has been set pretty low for Texas governors aspiring to be president.  It appears even Rick Perry fundraisers found their candidate below the bar.

Governor Rod Blagojevich’s Biggest Challenge In The 2006 IL Gubernatorial Race May Not Be Judy Baar Topinka – It May Be He’s Running For Another Office

Illinois Republican Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka is exploring a run for governor in 2006 and has some good internal poll numbers to back her gubernatorial bid against incumbent Rod Blagojevich (thanks for sharing the poll, Rich). Topinka’s numbers look good for the Illinois Republican primary as well, where she may well face businessman and former […]