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Single-Payer Health Coverage, HCAN And Health Care Reform

“Let’s not confuse genuinely grass roots single payer efforts with HCAN. HCAN, in its statements of principles, takes single payer off the table from the outset. So, while they state the problems correctly, they’re not pushing the one solution that we know can work.” A commenter on the post “Yes We HCAN!” “The private […]

One Of The More Powerful Critical Pieces On America I’ve Read In A Long Time

Charlie Pierce has written an extremely powerful piece, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” in this month’s Esquire. Whatever you may think of it – it’s an important criticism, made more moving by Pierce’s love for an America lost (and feared forever lost). I got there via Ezra Klein’s post, which is also well worth a […]

Naperville Republican Offering Public Vision – Voting Like “Weed Killer”

Republicans have a real problem. The GOP has ruled the United States for the last seven years with President Bush, a Republican majority congress (or a minority practicing unprecedented legislative obstructionism (and here)) and a majority [in the] Supreme Court (not to mention lower courts). But despite Republicans holding the reins of power in all […]

DuPage Urbanization

Progress Illinois has a great discussion of DuPage urbanization based on this Boston Review article. I have some mixed thoughts about what’s there – but they’re certainly worth reading.

Bush Plan Takes Allowances With Kid Health Care Alternative To SCHIP

After President Bush said that uninsured “[p]eople have access to health care in America…. After all, you just go to an emergency room,” people considered him out of touch. When the president threatened to veto renewal legislation to fund child health care for children lacking insurance, and then announced rules to prevent states from expanding […]

Iraq – Let The Buyer Beware

I don’t remember which comedian I heard years ago suggesting it would be cheaper for the U.S. to simply buy Iraq instead of invade it, but it was a telling point – since the invasion in 2003 the U.S. has ‘owned’ Iraq. This was recognized by some even in the first weeks of the invasion […]

Immigration, The Military And American Democracy

[Hat tip Kevin.] Michael O’Hare has a very nice (and snarky) take on new immigration policy that will cross-reference Social Security numbers and force employers to fire workers with false numbers. It’s a good take – but my guess is that he’s wrong about how it will play out. The move may force Bush’s guest […]

Lisle’s Oak View Residents – Pay Extra For Water And Get Burned

About 17 months ago the Daily Herald reported massive overcharging by private company Illinois American Water to Lisle‘s Oak View residents, as well as problems with the water supply: “Lisle-Woodridge Fire District Chief Thomas Freeman is growing tired of trying to make the utility raise the water pressure in hydrants near two Lisle schools as […]

Bush Administration Continues To Mess With Medicare, Denying Seniors Crucial Information

From today’s New York Times article “Democrats Critical of New Medicare Guide” the last paragraph of a story that is a major story itself: “Under federal law, the secretary of health and human services is to disseminate information comparing the performance of private plans under Medicare. But Consumers Union pointed out that this information was […]

Hey Lisa Madigan, Over Here! Lisle’s Illinois American Water Customers Need Relief

They live in Lisle, Illinois. They use water and sewers just like other Lisle residents. The difference? Four hundred Lisle Oak View residents (sometimes rendered “Oakview”) are serviced by the private company Illinois American Water instead of the Village of Lisle – and for that “privilege” they pay “287 percent higher than Lisle residents pay […]