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Charlie Pierce Accuses David Brooks of Animal Abuse

Via Atrios – Charlie Pierce’s sharp commentary on David Brook’s dog Moral Hazard.  In this economy even the dogs of the relatively well-off live well under their potential.

Even Racists Have To Pay The Mortgage?

[Hat tip Andrew Sullivan] Apparently the economy has made the presidential election a tough decision for some racists who are “undecideds.”

View Of The Election From Ohio’s Working Class

[Hat tip Matt] Well worth a read.

DuPage Urbanization

Progress Illinois has a great discussion of DuPage urbanization based on this Boston Review article. I have some mixed thoughts about what’s there – but they’re certainly worth reading.

Hillary Clinton Adding Insult To Injury

Hard to know which one is the insult and which one is the injury – you decide. Atrios provides the first “injury” or “insult”: “Remember back in junior high, when you had that friend that the bullies picked on all the time? And you defended that friend, who really never did all that much for […]

Back From Milt Rosenberg’s Show

Just got back a little while ago from Milt Rosenberg’s show. It was a great learning experience with bloggers Richard Baehr from American Thinker, Dan Johnson-Weinberger from Progressive Advocacy and Devil’s Advocate from Copious Dissent. Thanks to Mitt for having me and thanks to my fellow bloggers for the discussion. One of the things I’ll […]

Barack Obama And Reverend Jeremiah Wright

[Editor Note: I’ve modified the last paragraph to correct a typo and improve clarity (new material in brackets).] The Tribune news reporter discussion with Barack Obama on March 14th provides a decent explanation of Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “[Obama speaking]…Rev. Wright is somebody who came of age in the 60s. And so like […]

Barack Obama’s Speech Today On Race Reaffirms His Movement

Here is the complete text of Barack Obama’s speech today. I don’t know if there’s a name in rhetoric for taking a given topic and making it fit your argument, but it’s frequently done, and Barack Obama does it masterfully today in his speech on race. There’s no doubt that this is a speech on […]