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Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard Plays The Hand He’s Dealt

There’s been recent discussion of whether Republican Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard blew it when Dillard appeared in an ad for Barack Obama in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. At the time I thought it was a smart move on his part – possibly with an eye to a post in an Obama Administration. I still […]

Lindy Scott Weighs In On McCain “The One” Commercial

I took a look at McCain’s “The One” commercial and came away with two impressions: it obviously had a lot of symbolism I wasn’t getting and it seemed low budget, kind of Monty Pythonesque. Then, thanks to Kevin Drum I read Amy Sullivan’s analysis of the commercial in Time which put pieces into place for […]

Yes We HCAN!

While I’ll have more thoughts about this later, one of the things to keep an eye on in the coming year(s) are advocacy movements seeking major policy changes in areas of obvious national neglect like health care, the environment, energy, water rights/distribution, etc. The reason is that I take (future President) Barack Obama at his […]

One Of The More Powerful Critical Pieces On America I’ve Read In A Long Time

Charlie Pierce has written an extremely powerful piece, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” in this month’s Esquire. Whatever you may think of it – it’s an important criticism, made more moving by Pierce’s love for an America lost (and feared forever lost). I got there via Ezra Klein’s post, which is also well worth a […]

DuPage Urbanization

Progress Illinois has a great discussion of DuPage urbanization based on this Boston Review article. I have some mixed thoughts about what’s there – but they’re certainly worth reading.

Hillary Clinton Adding Insult To Injury

Hard to know which one is the insult and which one is the injury – you decide. Atrios provides the first “injury” or “insult”: “Remember back in junior high, when you had that friend that the bullies picked on all the time? And you defended that friend, who really never did all that much for […]

Back From Milt Rosenberg’s Show

Just got back a little while ago from Milt Rosenberg’s show. It was a great learning experience with bloggers Richard Baehr from American Thinker, Dan Johnson-Weinberger from Progressive Advocacy and Devil’s Advocate from Copious Dissent. Thanks to Mitt for having me and thanks to my fellow bloggers for the discussion. One of the things I’ll […]

Barack Obama And Reverend Jeremiah Wright

[Editor Note: I’ve modified the last paragraph to correct a typo and improve clarity (new material in brackets).] The Tribune news reporter discussion with Barack Obama on March 14th provides a decent explanation of Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright: “[Obama speaking]…Rev. Wright is somebody who came of age in the 60s. And so like […]

Quote Of The Day – Romney In France

This sentence in a New York Times article on Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney just stuck out for its absurdity: “The Iraq war debate has given new relevance to the question of where presidential candidates stood during the Vietnam conflict — whether they were demonstrating on campus, tortured in a prison camp or trying to […]

No Third Party Religious Right Effort – Thus Saith Rupert Murdoch

Here’s a gem in this Salon story about a second religious right meeting to discuss a possible third party alternative to Rudy Giuliani: “On Wednesday, longtime conservative leader Paul Weyrich, president of the Free Congress Foundation, published a column laying out three requirements for a successful third-party bid: major defections of elected officials from the […]