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Charlie Pierce Accuses David Brooks of Animal Abuse

Via Atrios – Charlie Pierce’s sharp commentary on David Brook’s dog Moral Hazard.  In this economy even the dogs of the relatively well-off live well under their potential.

Maybe Rick Perry Thought It Was A Limbo Game…

In recent years the bar has been set pretty low for Texas governors aspiring to be president.  It appears even Rick Perry fundraisers found their candidate below the bar.

Open Letter To President Obama Regarding Wasteful Military Spending

Dear Mr. President, Recently you discussed wasteful military spending with Senator John McCain, who pointed out that a new naval helicopter assigned to you might reflect wasteful spending. Examples like this, however, aren’t the only examples – even in the Navy. I am equally concerned about a past practice of having marginally, or perhaps even […]

Roland Burris If The Hair Fits…

Wear it. Roland Burris is trying to make a virtue out of failed fundraising. Never thought I’d have to update this post: Roland W. Burris will you please go now! The time has come. The time has come. The time is now. Just go. Go. Go! I don’t care how. You can go by foot. […]

Ghost Payroll In MD – GOP National Chair And Former Lt Gov Steele Implicates Himself

Michael Steele has recently admitted that he took part in a ghost payroll scheme, receiving money from the state of Maryland from 2003 to 2007, without working at a job there. Those years coincided with Steele’s term as Lt Governor of the state – some sort of volunteer position as he tells it. Steele, along […]

GOP Senate – Job Losses 600K A Month, So We Can Keep Ours For 20 Years

Washington, D.C. – Republican Senators accused of obstructing the national economic stimulus package pointed out that with 142,099,000 Americans employed in January, and job losses that month of almost 600,000 people, they could keep their own jobs for about 20 years with similar monthly job losses before no one was employed in the United States. […]

In Defense Of Ex-Merrill CEO John Thain’s $1.2 Million Office Renovation

Talking Points Memo has taken Ex-Merrill CEO John Thain to task for a $1.2 million office renovation while his “company was swirling down the drain.” TPM asks “just what was wrong with the old office?” The October 29, 2007, Wall Street Journal story on Stanley O’Neal’s office clarifies the situation: “‘It got to the point […]

Can’t Get That Quinn Tune Out Of My Head….

Apparently there was some administrative (Blago)glitch last election – and after an unnecessary delay, Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn finally gets to take office as governor. November 3, 2006, four days before the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial election found me humming this: “…Everybody’s in despair, Every girl and boy But when Democrat Pat Quinn gets here, Everybody’s […]

Among GOP Leading Lights, Does Sarah Palin Have A Leg Up?

I’ve heard of leg lamps, but not Moose Leg Lamps. The post on Craigslist advertising the Moose Leg Lamp seems to imply it’s fashionable – “Going for as high as $350 on eBay. Asking $250 or best offer.” Scary.

Henry Paulson’s $700B Bailout Not Designed For Auto Industry

Sometimes you hear something repeated as a talking point that’s so obvious you wonder why they bother. Here’s Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s carefully designed $700 billion Wall Street bailout that later was only slightly elaborated in a three page proposal to congress: Clearly there’s no room for “auto industry” in the plan.