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Unexceptionalism – A Primer

h/t Atrios – E. L. Doctorow provides the Primer. Read it. Grieve. Work, in small ways and big and in whatever way you can, for something much, much better. We all deserve something much, much better – recognizing that democratic ideal was in part what made us exceptional.

Nonsense Mr. Beutler

In a TPM article that I otherwise think gets it right, “MSNBC Reports Defense Cuts, Guest Corrects Record,” reporter Brian Beutler writes that “I don’t think this tendency [to report a modest budget increase as a “steep” budget cut] stems from an intentional malice – it’s more of an epiphenomenon rooted in years of being […]

Spare Change? The Stimulus And Bailouts Are Too Valuable

Almost absent from the dominant discussion of the federal stimulus package (and bailouts) is any attempt at progressive change that goes beyond the surface of ‘what we buy.’ I spoke yesterday about tying taxpayer expenditures to a living wage – but I’ve been thinking about this type of thing for a while agreeing with Matthew […]

2009 Predictions

Here’s are some thoughts about what the new year may hold – some seem pretty obvious, others are educated guesswork – while many are positive, some are not. In Illinois: – Soon-to-be former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be impeached. – Soon-to-be Governor Pat Quinn will get ethics legislation through the General Assembly early that will […]

Single-Payer Health Coverage, HCAN And Health Care Reform

“Let’s not confuse genuinely grass roots single payer efforts with HCAN. HCAN, in its statements of principles, takes single payer off the table from the outset. So, while they state the problems correctly, they’re not pushing the one solution that we know can work.” A commenter on the post “Yes We HCAN!” “The private […]

New Study Shows Wealth Gains Over Last Two Decades Lost In Housing Bubble

[Hat tip Doug May] The Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) study by Dean Baker and David Rosnick, “The Impact of the Housing Crash on Family Wealth.” shows that over the last two decades (from 1989 to the projected 2009) median wealth for people age 35 – 54 was flat or declining assuming another […]

Yes We HCAN!

While I’ll have more thoughts about this later, one of the things to keep an eye on in the coming year(s) are advocacy movements seeking major policy changes in areas of obvious national neglect like health care, the environment, energy, water rights/distribution, etc. The reason is that I take (future President) Barack Obama at his […]

Morgenthaler, Callahan Make Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “Emerging” Race List

Playing catch-up with this one – 6th Congressional Democratic Candidate Jill Morgenthaler and 18th Congressional Democratic Candidate Colleen Callahan made the recently announced DCCC “Emerging” list of 20 races where “candidates have generated excitement in their districts for their campaigns for change.” Jill Morgenthaler in the 6th District has expanded her campaign team, posted respectable […]

RNC – Don’t Take John McCain At His Word, That Wouldn’t Be Fair

Forget about “straight-talk” when it comes to GOP Presidential nominee John McCain the standard is ‘don’t take his word for it, take ours’ according to the Republican National Committee (RNC), which is protesting the use of John McCain’s own words for a TV ad that describes John McCain’s objectionable policy position in Iraq. Here’s the […]

100 Years, Six Months At A Time…. Great Ad