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Unexceptionalism – A Primer

h/t Atrios – E. L. Doctorow provides the Primer. Read it. Grieve. Work, in small ways and big and in whatever way you can, for something much, much better. We all deserve something much, much better – recognizing that democratic ideal was in part what made us exceptional.

One Of The More Powerful Critical Pieces On America I’ve Read In A Long Time

Charlie Pierce has written an extremely powerful piece, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” in this month’s Esquire. Whatever you may think of it – it’s an important criticism, made more moving by Pierce’s love for an America lost (and feared forever lost). I got there via Ezra Klein’s post, which is also well worth a […]

Andrew Sullivan On Karl Rove And John McCain

When their only principle is power, is it strange that the powerful are unprincipled? Karl Rove feigns an innocent appreciation of John McCain. Meanwhile, consider that John McCain believes it’s ok for the CIA to torture – although he uses other words for it. Draw your own conclusion.

Dick Durbin Letter Seeking Criminal Waterboarding Investigation Gets Answer – Attorney General Says “No”

When he went through confirmation hearings, Attorney General Michael Mukasey said about waterboarding, ‘if it’s torture, then it’s torture’ – which was both meaningless and obscene. After Michael Mukasey was shamefully confirmed as Attorney General, he said in U.S. Senate hearings that he “would feel” that waterboarding was torture if it were done to him. […]