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Prank – Bus Shelter Offered as Rental with “Easy Access for Transit”

Pretty funny! (h/t Mike Barrett)

Vehicle Miles Down September, 5 Year No Growth Pattern Continues

Calculated Risk has the details.  While gas prices and the economy are big players, changing demographics (older people driving less) and changing habits (younger people driving less and not just for economic reasons) are also part of the story.

Sen Durbin, Illinois Congressional Delegation Seek To Revive IL Rail Car Manufacturing

Press release from U.S. Senate Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin For Immediate Release April 9, 2009 DURBIN AND ILLINOIS DELEGATION ASK DOT TO SUPPORT REVIVAL OF ILLINOIS TRAIN CAR INDUSTRY [WASHINGTON, D.C.] – Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin (D-IL) today led the Illinois Congressional Delegation in asking the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, to support […]

Where’s The Economic Recovery Going To Come From? Obama Provides Good Answers

Matt Yglesias has an interesting piece about educational levels around the Great Depression compared to today that reflects on Paul Krugman’s pessimism about the economy and Ryan Avent’s optimism. The question is where will our economic recovery come from (and how soon)? I’m no economist, but my sense is we are not likely to recover […]

Think The Roads Are Getting Faster? You’re Right

Ryan Avent points to a study showing that in some cases reduced vehicle traffic has gone below the “tipping point” where congestion gets really bad and produces traffic jams “In other words, roads work really well up to a point, and then they work really badly. And many, many roads in America work really badly […]

What The Stimulus Says About Us….

We’d rather continue to substantially cut taxes, especially those at the upper end, while sacrificing our society’s future economic competitiveness and health through reduced infrastructure spending, reduced education spending, and reduced health care spending among others. On that latter topic, Ezra poses the challenge: “A decent society doesn’t spen[d] $70 billion on an upper-class tax […]

A Smart Stimulus Package Includes Serious Mass Transit Funding

Today, responding to news about a stimulus amendment giving tax breaks to car buyers that increase with the price of the car commenter “Car Free Nation” at Streetsblog said, “So 11 billion to pay for cars for the rich (it’s a tax break, the more you earn, and the more expensive the car, the more […]

Advocates for Intercity Passenger Rail Call on Congress and President Obama to Increase Funding for Rail in Stimulus Plan

[Cross-posted at Midwest High Speed Rail, Improving Amtrak Incrementally] Chicago Union Station, Great Hall Thursday, January 29th, 12:30 pm Contacts: Representative Elaine Nekritz, Chair of the Illinois House Rail Committee Paris Ervin, Illinois Department of Transportation Rick Harnish, Midwest High Speed Rail Association Laura Kliewer, Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission ADVOCATES FOR INTERCITY PASSENGER RAIL […]

Illinois Assembly Bills – Maximize Passenger Rail In Fed Stimulus

[Cross-posted at Midwest High Speed Rail , Improving Amtrak Incrementally blog] Both the Illinois Senate (SR 0019) and House (HR 0030) have resolution bills calling “on Congress and President-Elect Barack Obama to maximize the investment in expanded and improved passenger train service as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.” State Senator Michael Frerichs […]

Now Posting At Midwest High Speed Rail

If you’re interested in transportation policy you might want to take a look at my first post at Midwest High Speed Rail – where I use a Google Map to show rail projects that are ‘stimulus ready’ for the incoming Obama Administration.