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Revenge Of The Electric Car

Over the past week plus I’ve been thinking about the incredible irony of a company forced to produce it’s future, determined to destroy it’s future, and succeeding – leading to its destruction. In the 1990’s GM killed an electric car it was forced to produce by California. Today Deutsche Bank declared GM stock shares worthless, […]

Road To The Idea Of The Bridge To Nowhere

Yep, the U.S. Congress killed the infamous ‘bridge to nowhere’ that GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin supported, as governor she kept the money for state transportation, and yes, her Alaska is still building the road to the bridge that they were going to build to nowhere. But now that we’re talking about a “Road […]

Blagojevich Signs Expansion Of Free Public Transit

Here’s what I’ve recently written about expanding free public transit in Illinois. The Chicago Sun-Times reports Governor Rod Blagojevich signed into law a major new expansion of free public transit yesterday for low income people who have disabilities. To qualify individuals must enroll (or already be enrolled in) Circuit Breaker – for information see […]

What Blagojevich Got Right In Illinois Mass Transit

When Governor Rod Blagojevich made public transportation for seniors free at the beginning of the year he did something right. Given it’s Governor Blagojevich, he didn’t get there the right way and it might even be that having the “right” policy in this case was incidental or accidental, but it was right. It just wasn’t […]

IL PIRG Report Damning – Spending Money Burning Oil Instead Of Building Infrastructure To Spur Economy

The recent federal tax rebate for economic stimulus cost $168 billion – but we’ve already lost the money to higher gas prices according to a recent analysis of American household spending by Illinois PIRG called “Squandering The Stimulus” (pdf). The same study says that the average annual federal spending for new public transportation over four […]

NPR – Transportation Availability Translating Into Higher Housing Prices

What Jacky Grimshaw noted locally about Kendall County is a reality in other areas too – the further you are from good mass transit the more costly the commute – which, according to NPR is where in some locales you will find housing discounted and not selling. In Kendall County it seems sales and prices […]

Housing Transit Costs Are All About Location, Location, Location

Jacky Grimshaw, VP for Policy, Transportation and Community Development at Center for Neighborhood Technology, wrote an important Letter to the Editor in Tuesday’s Chicago Tribune: “With a reported median selling price of $227,000, homebuyers feel they can get the most home for their money in Kendall County (“Kendall nation’s fastest-growing county; Locals proud despite area’s […]

DuPage Urbanization

Progress Illinois has a great discussion of DuPage urbanization based on this Boston Review article. I have some mixed thoughts about what’s there – but they’re certainly worth reading.

Republicans And DuPage – We Want Local Control (But Only When It’s Good For Us)

A report from the State House: The Franks-Froehlich Bill (HB4717), requiring collar county boards vote to receive the quarter point sales tax increase that passed with the recent Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Act, was dealt a major setback today in the House Mass Transit Committee. Collar counties normally supporting local control appear not to want […]

State Rep Paul Froehlich Holds DuPage Board Accountable With HB4717

DuPage State Representative Paul Froehlich is a chief co-sponsor of HB4717, a bill that amends the recently passed Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Act, forcing the DuPage County Board and other collar county boards to “consent to the imposition of” the new quarter cent sales tax increase that they may use for mass transit or public […]