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Unexceptionalism – A Primer

h/t Atrios – E. L. Doctorow provides the Primer. Read it. Grieve. Work, in small ways and big and in whatever way you can, for something much, much better. We all deserve something much, much better – recognizing that democratic ideal was in part what made us exceptional.

2009 Predictions

Here’s are some thoughts about what the new year may hold – some seem pretty obvious, others are educated guesswork – while many are positive, some are not. In Illinois: – Soon-to-be former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be impeached. – Soon-to-be Governor Pat Quinn will get ethics legislation through the General Assembly early that will […]

Morgenthaler, Callahan Make Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee “Emerging” Race List

Playing catch-up with this one – 6th Congressional Democratic Candidate Jill Morgenthaler and 18th Congressional Democratic Candidate Colleen Callahan made the recently announced DCCC “Emerging” list of 20 races where “candidates have generated excitement in their districts for their campaigns for change.” Jill Morgenthaler in the 6th District has expanded her campaign team, posted respectable […]

Republican General Borling Endorses Democratic Congressional Candidate Abboud In IL-16

This is a nice endorsement for Democratic Congressional candidate Bob Abboud, especially because of General John Borling’s active involvement with Republican Presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign, including serving as a member of McCain’s finance committee. General Borling, a fiscal conservative and social moderate, has a number of disagreements with current Republican Congressman Don Manzullo, who […]

Scott Harper Says Congresswoman Biggert Should Remember Veterans With Vote For GI Bill – Offers Petition

Scott Harper has a petition you can sign to demand more affordable college education for veterans here. [Scott Harper at today’s press conference on making college more affordable for veterans.] From the Scott Harper for Congress Campaign: “Harper, Veterans condemn Biggert’s vote against GI Bill, announce launch of petition campaign Romeoville – Scott Harper, the […]

One Of The More Powerful Critical Pieces On America I’ve Read In A Long Time

Charlie Pierce has written an extremely powerful piece, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” in this month’s Esquire. Whatever you may think of it – it’s an important criticism, made more moving by Pierce’s love for an America lost (and feared forever lost). I got there via Ezra Klein’s post, which is also well worth a […]

Congressional Candidate Jill Morgenthaler’s New Website Up In IL-6

Jill Morgenthaler’s Congressional Campaign in IL-06 has started to pick up momentum with additions/changes in staff, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) designation as a “targeted district” and a solid, if still needing to be ramped up, first full fundraising quarter quarter of over $200,000. The addition of experienced campaign manager Bill Romjue, who has worked […]

Andrew Sullivan On Karl Rove And John McCain

When their only principle is power, is it strange that the powerful are unprincipled? Karl Rove feigns an innocent appreciation of John McCain. Meanwhile, consider that John McCain believes it’s ok for the CIA to torture – although he uses other words for it. Draw your own conclusion.

Because If People In The Military Knew Better….

John McCain is against improving education benefits for veterans because it could affect military retention rates. What do you even say about a policy amounting to ‘keep ’em down and they’ll stick around’? Horrifying? Accurate? Cynical? Exploitive? Whatever it is – it isn’t what any decent person would call “patriotic.”

Stephanie Kifowit Makes Aurora Mayoral Run Official

[OneMan in comments below is right – Henry Treftz, Vice Chair of the Aurora Township GOP was there (although I missed seeing him) – and yes, he is a cool guy.] Last Friday over 125 people attended Alderman Stephanie Kifowit’s official announcement that she is running for Mayor of Aurora. Under the banner “Leadership that […]