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Misunderstanding and Misjudging

People thought that the Supreme Court majority in Bush v. Gore, which handed the 2004 election to George W. Bush against democratic norms, said that the case didn’t establish a precedent.  It was a misunderstanding.  What the Supreme Court majority actually said was that the case did establish their prescience.

Representative Don Pridemore Offers Beyond the Pale Advice

I’m not an expert in domestic violence and abuse. I would recommend victims get professional help. What I would never tell a domestic violence or abuse victim is “If [you] can refind those reasons and get back to why [you] got married in the first place it might help.”  That kind of advice puts the […]

Right On The Money

(h/t Atrios) Barry Ritholtz right on the money.  “Works for pot, crack, robo-signing, and segregated account theft….”

Misappropriate – Mortgage Settlement Money Going to WI Gen Budget

Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen aren’t the first public officials to take money intended for one purpose and use it for another.  In the case of the national mortgage fraud settlement money funding for Wisconsin, part of a settlement already grossly inadequate for helping provide restitution to victims, it will be […]

2009 Predictions

Here’s are some thoughts about what the new year may hold – some seem pretty obvious, others are educated guesswork – while many are positive, some are not. In Illinois: – Soon-to-be former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be impeached. – Soon-to-be Governor Pat Quinn will get ethics legislation through the General Assembly early that will […]

Price Of Justice

I’m against piling on court fees and charges for people convicted of crimes when those costs aren’t directly part of the sentencing fine for the crime. It can further criminalize lower income people, who can’t pay the fines and end up in more trouble, and it makes it tougher for those on the margins to […]

One Of The More Powerful Critical Pieces On America I’ve Read In A Long Time

Charlie Pierce has written an extremely powerful piece, “The Cynic and Senator Obama,” in this month’s Esquire. Whatever you may think of it – it’s an important criticism, made more moving by Pierce’s love for an America lost (and feared forever lost). I got there via Ezra Klein’s post, which is also well worth a […]

Bush Administration Can’t Confirm Missing Emails Because It Can’t Find Them

Really, that’s what this boils down to. [Hat tip TPM]

What’s Good For Dodd Is Good For Edwards And Richardson – FISA Filibuster

Democratic Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd plans to make good on his promise to filibuster the Senate FISA renewal bill that provides retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies that may have illegally allowed the Bush Administration to spy on Americans. Dodd has called out three Senators running for president, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to […]

The Problem With The GOP Presidential Field Is One Of Them Has To Win The Republican Primary

Seriously. It really boggles the mind. I, like others believe that Mike Huckabee might pull it off and become the Republican nominee. But you read about Huckabee’s Wayne Dumond problem and Huckabee’s lack of attention to what’s happening with Iran, and it gets harder to imagine Huckabee pulling it off, even in the fantasy world […]