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I’m Back

It’s been too long – and I’ve missed blogging.  So I’m back. I can’t promise nearly as many posts as before – but I do promise to continue to post with integrity – with whatever insight, foresight and hindsight I possess. Looking forward to it! Larry, let me know about the hosting charges

Sporadic Blogging Ahead…

I’ve got a tremendous amount on my plate of late, so blogging has had to take a back seat. I’ll have a bunch of quick posts today. Going forward, this summer looks quite busy, but I’ll try to blog as much as I can.

Unexpected Upgrade Wackiness

No, this isn’t the “new” “look.” An upgrade destroyed the old “theme” (aka “look”) of this blog – so what you see is temporary, with something better coming soon.

End Of Week Mea Culpas From DuPage Taxes To Judy Biggert

Like everyone I make mistakes, but my writing quality is usually better than it was this week. I have two sizable mistakes in mind (perhaps my readers have more). The first mistake was in “DuPage Taxation – A Watershed Proposal” where I wrote about two main topics: the possibility that the DuPage County Board was […]

Out Of Town, Back Soon

Going to a wedding – back early next week.

Hiatus Ending

I didn’t mean not to post for so long – just happened. More in a minute.

Regular Posting To Start Up Again Soon

Within a month I’ve been hit twice with the flu/virus, and I’m now in my sixth day of the current bout. I’m never this sick this often (last time I remember something this long lasting was over a decade ago – and I rarely get the flu or a significant virus more than once a […]

We’re Back – Normal Posting To Resume – In Praise Of Rick – Better Looks TBA

Wow. Transferring platforms took longer than expected thanks to the mysteries of the internets (something amiss in some of those tubes). I want to give a huge thanks to Rick Klau of tins who spent way too much time on this – and who I owe big. From what I can gather he expects good […]

Converting From Moveable Type To WordPress

It may happen this weekend. I apologize in advance for technical difficulties until everything is up and running. I hope for a happier blog experience soon!

Open During Construction… will be open during construction while I try to improve the site. It may take a few weeks – but in the end I think we’ll see some major improvements. I look forward to sharing my vision (as far as I am able to technically) and hearing what you think of it – and […]