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Unexceptionalism – A Primer

h/t Atrios – E. L. Doctorow provides the Primer. Read it. Grieve. Work, in small ways and big and in whatever way you can, for something much, much better. We all deserve something much, much better – recognizing that democratic ideal was in part what made us exceptional.

Generational Frame Of Reference

My ten-year old excitedly tells my seven-year old while watching American Idol: It’s the guys from Fairly Odd Parents!

Mayors Of America Take Note

My almost seven-year old informed me last weekend that it was “dumb” that we have only two days off on the weekend because if you need to go to California that takes two days, and then when you get back you’ve missed two days of school. He thought “the Mayor” should do something about fixing […]

2009 Predictions

Here’s are some thoughts about what the new year may hold – some seem pretty obvious, others are educated guesswork – while many are positive, some are not. In Illinois: – Soon-to-be former Governor Rod Blagojevich will be impeached. – Soon-to-be Governor Pat Quinn will get ethics legislation through the General Assembly early that will […]

Jotham Stein Video On Child Hunger And Health Care – The Problem Isn’t The Effort

My sense of Democrat Jotham Stein’s campaign in the 14th Congressional District is that he has put a tremendous amount of effort into it. He was the first in the race (both sides) to announce, he strenuously has attempted to attend events, big and small, and at times Jotham has been the only Democratic candidate […]

Catholics United Target “Pro-Life” Members Of Congress Who Voted Against SCHIP

From Catholics-United: “Catholics United will launch a radio advertising campaign targeting ten members of Congress whose opposition to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) have compromised their pro-life voting records. The ads, which feature a mother urging her Congressional Representative to support SCHIP, will primarily air on Christian and talk radio stations from Monday […]

Bush Plan Takes Allowances With Kid Health Care Alternative To SCHIP

After President Bush said that uninsured “[p]eople have access to health care in America…. After all, you just go to an emergency room,” people considered him out of touch. When the president threatened to veto renewal legislation to fund child health care for children lacking insurance, and then announced rules to prevent states from expanding […]

Biggert And Roskam Vote Against Kid Health Care Again

Both Congressman Judy Biggert (13th District) and Peter Roskam (6th District) voted against an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Their vote set them at odds with fellow Illinois Republicans Mark Kirk and Ray LaHood, who voted in support of kids, and put Biggert and Roskam in the company of the party’s […]

Senator Dick Durbin On Why We Need Government

From yesterday’s New York Times “Senators Urge More Stringent Rules for Toy Safety” – links mine: Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, praised the toy industry for acknowledging that hazardous toys are a real problem. ‘There is no corporate denial here,’ he said. ‘There is no defensive crouch.’ But Mr. Durbin said he was […]

Biggert, Kirk, Roskam Vote Against Childrens Health And Medicare Protection Act Of 2007

[Thanks to Gloria Andersen for pointing out the votes.] Paul Krugman summarizes the legislation, which involves expanding health care to financially qualified children through increased tobacco taxes and reductions in private insurance subsidies to Medicare. The bill does not cut any funds to the lower cost, more efficient, traditional government Medicare plan that the vast […]