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What if Housing is Done for a Generation?

From twitter @mark_neely “What if Housing is Done for a Generation?” by Tyler Durden points to some pretty scary economics (I take exception to his federal deficit talk – it isn’t the issue – but in the main my sense is he’s on to something).  A key quote: “Without going into too much detail, we […]

Madison Elementary Teacher Kornblatt Uses Community Resources to Expand Educational Opportunity

(h/t @4SHCrane via @mgarth) Great way to utilize community resources to expand educational opportunities for 3rd grade students by Lincoln Elementary teacher Marc Kornblatt – learning about nature via phenology and writing it down at the laundromat.

Investing in Local Infrastructure to Attract Business – Could Wisconsin Leverage Tax Dollars Better?

This article on $4 million awarded to Spectrum Brands by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation reminds me of the basic wisdom in investing in infrastructure that helps business in order to attract it, instead of giving public money directly to businesses to locate in the state.  While I don’t know more than the information the […]