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Not Much to Lose and Still Got No Gain

Since Obama took office, how many times have you read something like this by moderate or liberal commentators: “It’s not as if the conservatives aren’t already peddling rhetoric about [negative positioning on issue that faults Obama], anyway. There’s not much to lose.” You read it with the understanding that Obama “doing the right thing” won’t […]

Social Media Doughnut

“As you ramble on through Life, Brother, whatever be your Goal, keep your eye upon the Doughnut and not upon the hole” takes on new social meaning….

Kevin Drum Lays Out Clear Contraception Case

Kevin does a nice job presenting the issues around contraception concisely.  As others have noted, providing contraception has been widely accepted in America for a long time now – most people, including Mitt Romney, have presented it as a non-issue.  That doesn’t mean Mitt views it as a non-issue, or that it couldn’t become a […]

Rhetoric Matters, But In These Times Its Appeal Seems Hollow

I’ve often used a similar appeal to David Atkins’ post about “Rhetoric Matters” – but I have to say never have I believed it less effective.  Rhetoric does matter – but when you’re in a burning building it matters more if you will get out.  To state the obvious, we haven’t been getting out…and it’s […]