Howard Dean In Chicago For DNC Event Last Wednesday Night, Introduced By Mayor Daley

Mayor Richard M. Daley and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Howard Dean spoke at a grassroots DNC fundraiser last Wednesday at the Hilton Chicago. With Eric Davis doing the introductions, Mayor Daley recognized Eric’s praise of Chicago’s environmental successes and economic successes. The Mayor went further in suggesting that the Democratic Party represents the way forward for Americans after six years of the Bush Administration. He pointed to his efforts to secure the Olympics in Chicago as a potential opportunity to show America’s better side to the world. Mayor Daley praised Howard Dean for his engagement of voters during his presidential run, the 50-state strategy he has advocated during his Chairmanship, and his positioning of Democrats to win in 2008.

Mayor Daley and Howard Dean at Chicago DNC Fundraiser 3-14-07

[DNC Chair Howard Dean and Mayor Richard J. Daley, both sporting green ties for St. Patrick’s Day, offstage at the Chicago DNC Fundraiser 3-14-07 ┬ęTodd A. Bannor/ – if you’re looking for professional photography, political or otherwise – check Todd out at]

Howard Dean emphasized the importance of inclusion for the Democratic Party, from actively engaging “minority” groups (which combined will become America’s new majority in the coming years) to engagement with groups such as evangelical Christians, working with them in areas like the environment, where there are areas of agreement. He also discussed how the current crop of presidential candidates – including a Latino, a woman and an African-American – show the diversity of the party, and how the strength of the Democratic Party moving forward is that it will reflect that diversity in its candidates.

The $50 per person grassroots fundraising event, one of three DNC Chicago fundraisers on Wednesday, attracted well over 200 people according to the DNC. The event also attracted a number of local officials (including Cook County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, DFA candidate and Alderman Joe Moore, DFA candidate and Alderman Ricardo Munoz, DFA candidate and Alderman Toni Preckwinkle, DFA candidate and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner Debra Shore, retired Cook County Assessor and 19th Ward Committeeman Tom Hynes, and 7th District DNC Committeewoman Darlena Williams-Burnett). DFA candidate and Alderman Sandi Jackson was going to be at the event – but missed it because of a flight delay. Jotham Stein, Democratic congressional candidate for the 14th District also attended (website being developed).

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