Russ Feingold Against Obama’s Use of Super PACs – It’s “Dancing with the Devil”

Read Feingold’s position here.  It’s easy to dismiss Russ’ position – it’s easy to say ‘you need to fight fire with fire’, etc. But I think it’s worth really thinking about the implications. As Russ traces it, how did we get to the point of big money dictating our politics – and is there more reason or less to believe that even greater amounts of money will lead a handful of big spenders to dictate the direction of America in ever greater amounts?

If you think winning is an end unto itself, and all that matters, your decision is easy. If you care about the content of the win, and recognize that losing is sometimes the best of bad options, the decision may still be easy even if the results are tough.  You don’t get credit for coming in second in politics. Credit isn’t everything.