Wisconsin Governor Walker Fundraising Expenses Show Post-Governor View

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spent $4.2 million this year on “fundraising” with SCM Associates, a New Hampshire GOP fundraising firm that does direct mail/email and telemarketing.  Given that Walker raised more than $25 million over the period – the $4.2 million is part of 20% or so spent “raising” the money.  That cost isn’t cheap.  While Walker has used SCM Associates before (they recreated his “brown bag” campaign when he ran for governor) , on the surface the ROI (return on investment) on this latest SCM effort wasn’t great as a money raiser – especially when we know of high profile donations in the hundreds of thousands (and totaling millions) that likely didn’t come from “mass mailings” or “direct response” robo calls – but from billionaires, visits to Texas, a single $500,000 donation and almost $370,000 from the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

As the Huffington Post points out “[o]f the total $5 million Walker received in contributions from [under $200] small-dollar donors, 70 percent – or $3.46 million – came from out-of-state donors”

Looked at this way, SCM  direct response “fundraising” efforts for Scott Walker likely didn’t net a lot of money.  Particularly the out-of-state efforts were more likely aimed at increasing Walker’s national profile for vice presidential consideration or other political or pundit posts.  Certainly the out-of-state efforts weren’t trying to get Walker more votes in the recall – and (relatively) they didn’t produce much money.  Focusing on Scott Walker mass fundraising as if he’s just got the recall in mind is missing a good piece of the action.