Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s Free Pass

A panel has found what any serious reader of the news knew long ago, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is at fault for “major failures” in post-invasion Iraq. What the panel didn’t find was that these major failures are a reason for Rumsfeld to resign. What were the failures found? They include a failure to plan for the rebellion in Iraq, sending mixed messages about the kinds of interrogation techniques permissible at prisons like Abu Ghraib, having insufficient numbers of military police (1 per 75 prisoners at Abu Ghraib), and having too few (1/3 the number authorized) staff at Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez headquarters overseeing Abu Ghraib. They found all this while not addressing if there were enough troops in the war to begin with (I guess that was a throw-in for Rumsfeld, giving him the benefit of the doubt, you know).

What every fair-minded reader of the news has also long ago concluded this panel could not find. It could not find that Rumsfeld, who it appears has broken international law and likely domestic, should resign. So much for the panel and its (one might have thought) mission to establish accountability. There is no accountability in the Bush Administration. That is why John Kerry should win.