Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Said To Duck Homeland Security Post – Smart If He Has Ambitions – No Upside To Position

Political Wire cites a Washington Times report that former New York City Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the first choice for the Homeland Security Secretary position Tom Ridge is vacating. If the report is true, Giuliani was smart to decline if he has further political ambition – it’s hard to imagine the upside to a post where when the public notices nothing happening – you’re doing well. Not to mention the politicized funding and lack of funding Homeland Security oversees. For example, it must be fun coordinating under-funded states and cities like New York with over eight million people in New York City alone, and over funding rural areas like Wyoming with a state population of just over a half-million, where if they saw someone from out-of-town, a lot of people would likely be following their moves for free – especially post 9/11.

[Update: For an interesting (and I think quite possibly correct) take on Giuliani’s former police commissioner Bernie Kerik getting swatted for the Homeland Security post this past week (Dec 11) see Dan Conley on Karl Rove’s Mafia hit on Bernie. Good stuff!]