Hiram Wurf has been a resident of Madison, WI since 2010 and lives with his wife and two children who attend Madison public schools.  Hiram grew up discussing politics around the dinner table, and pursued his interest at Rutgers College, where he took every course he could with Carey McWilliams, and then went to Northern Illinois University for graduate school in Political Theory, where he was an H. B. Earhart Foundation Fellow, academic advisor and course instructor.

Formerly of Naperville, IL, Hiram volunteered with the Howard Dean campaign in 2003, becoming the Chair of Fundraising and Outreach in the all-volunteer DuPage for Dean Group. He led the DuPage section of Democracy for Illinois, a state group that embraces socially progressive and fiscally responsible policies.  Democracy for Illinois was inspired by, and often works with, Democracy for America, a group dedicated to similar ideals. Hiram also served as Secretary of the Naperville Township Democratic Organization.  In 2004 Hiram ran as the Democratic candidate for the DuPage County Board, and earned the Chicago Tribune’s endorsement in the general election.

Hiram works in the non-profit field and does development, marketing and communications consulting. You can Contact Hiram By Email – hiramwurf[at]gmail.com